A-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit

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A-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit
Hazy Maze Cave Star 5
Location Hazy Maze Cave
Mission # 5
Game Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
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A-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit is the fifth mission of the Hazy Maze Cave in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. The mission's objective is to navigate the Hazy Maze to reach a Power Star at the end of a different exit from the one taken during the last mission. The name of this mission is a pun on the words "maze" and "amazing."


From the start of the course, the player needs to take the path on the right and enter the next room. Once there, the player needs to slide down the pole and follow the green path to the center door on the right. The player should then enter the maze through the hole. Most of the maze is covered in a strange toxic cloud, but the player can use a nearby Metal Cap (or Wario's or Luigi's Power Flower ability in the DS version) to avoid taking damage for a short time.

Much like in the last mission, the player has to take the path ahead of them from the start of the maze followed by the left path. This time, the player has to climb up the first ledge rather than the second. In the next room, the elevator takes the player to an area above where they have to grab hold of the wire net above them by holding the jump button and maneuver to the Power Star on the far right platform. Letting go of the wire net could result in falling into the large pit below.

In the DS version, Luigi can stand on top of the Black Brick in the room with the rolling rocks and backward-somersault to reach the platform on which the Star is. Mario can kick off a wall from the right of the Black Brick to reach the platform.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ケムリめいろの ひじょうぐち
Kemuri Meiro no Hijōguchi
Emergency Exit of the Smoke Maze

Chinese 迷宫里的紧急出口[2]
Mígōng lǐ de Jǐnjí Chūkǒu
Emergency Exit in the Maze

French Au-dessus des gaz... (SM64)
Issue de secours labyrinthique (SM64 DS)
Above the Gas...
Labyrinth Emergency Exit
German Suche im Nebel den Notausgang! (SM64)
Notausgang mit Tücken (SM64 DS)
Find the Emergency Exit in the Fog!
Emergency Exit with Pitfalls
Italian Anche i labirinti hanno un'uscita (Super Mario 64 DS)
Un'altra via di uscita dal labirinto[1]
Even labyrinths have an exit
Another way out from the labyrinth
Korean 연기미로의비상구
Yeongi miro ui bisanggu
Emergency Exit of the Smoke Maze

Spanish La otra salida del laberinto
The Labyrinth's Other Exit


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