In the Talons of the Big Bird

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In the Talons of the Big Bird
SM64DS Shifting Sand Land Star 1.png
Location Shifting Sand Land
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS
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In the Talons of the Big Bird is the first mission of Shifting Sand Land in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. Its objective is to get the Power Star being held by Klepto.


Klepto the Condor is always circling the course, though in the first mission, he is carrying a Power Star. In order to obtain the Power Star, the player needs to stand on top of one of the pillars in the course and wait for Klepto to fly over it. Once he is in position, the player needs to jump at Klepto, which makes him drop the Star and has it land on the west side of the pyramid between the two pillars. If the Wing Cap has been unlocked, the player can fly into Klepto to obtain the Power Star.

It is worth noting that by selecting this Star, the player can return to the level to accumulate all of the level's other Stars (the lone exception being the "Silver Star" Star in the DS port). If the player returns to the level by selecting this Star, Klepto will be holding the Star and therefore will not attack the player, leaving them free to explore the level without his threat.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いたずらハゲたか ジャンゴ
Itazura hagetaka Jango
Mischievous Vulture Klepto

Chinese 还给我星星 秃鹫[2]
Huángěiwǒ Xīngxīng Tūjiù
Return The Star To Me, Klepto

French Dans les griffes du vautour (SM64)
Dans les serres du grand oiseau (SM64DS)
In the Clutches of the Vulture
In the Talons of the Big Bird
German Folge dem Riesengeier! (SM64)
In den Krallen des Riesenvogels (SM64DS)
Follow the Giant Vulture!
In the Claws of the Giant Bird
Italian Tra gli artigli del grande uccello (Super Mario 64 DS)
Tra le grinfie di un uccellaccio[1]
Between the claws of the big bird
Between the clutches of an ugly bird
Korean 장고야!장난하냐?
Jango ya! Jangnanhanya?
Klepto! Are You Teasing Me?

Spanish En las garras del pajarraco
In the Big Bird's Claws


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