Bob-omb Battlefield

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Bob-omb Battlefield
Bob-omb Battlefield 64.pngBob-omb Battlefield 64DS.png 
How to unlock Available from start (Super Mario 64)
Catch the rabbit at the courtyard of the Mushroom Castle (Super Mario 64 DS). 
Boss(es) Big Bob-omb 
Level(s) Super Mario 64
Big Bob-omb on the Summit
Footrace with Koopa the Quick
Shoot to the Island in the Sky
Find the 8 Red Coins
Mario Wings to the Sky
Behind Chain Chomp's Gate

Super Mario 64 DS
Big Bob-omb on the Summit
Footrace with Koopa the Quick
5 Silver Stars!
Big Bob-omb's Revenge
Mario Wings to the Sky
Find the 8 Red Coins
Behind Chain-Chomp's Gate 
Stars Super Mario 64:
Star SM64.pngStar SM64.pngStar SM64.pngStar SM64.pngStar SM64.pngStar SM64.png
Super Mario 64 DS:
Star SM64DS.pngStar SM64DS.pngStar SM64DS.pngStar SM64DS.pngStar SM64DS.pngStar SM64DS.pngStar SM64DS.png

Bob-omb Battlefield is the first course in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. The player character can enter the course through the painting in the far left room on the first floor of the Mushroom Castle, and the door into the room does not require any Power Stars to open. Bob-omb Battlefield is the grassy battleground of a war being raged between the black-colored Bob-ombs, led by the Big Bob-omb, and the pink-colored Bob-omb Buddies.


Map of Bob-omb Battlefield in Super Mario 64 DS

The setting of the course takes place on and around a mountain, split between the territories of the two Bob-omb races. The player starts in the Bob-omb Buddies' territory, far off from the mountain in an area with two Bob-omb Buddies and a cannon that will be available to use after the player has collected the first Power Star, along with a couple of crates and Goombas farther ahead. To the left of the starting area are a few Bob-ombs and a gate that has to be opened by pressing the Purple Switch on the other side of it, providing a shortcut should it be opened. Additionally, several iron balls will roll down the slope and collide around this area. Going up the bridge from the starting area will lead the player into a field with several large rocks, Goombas, a Koopa Troopa, and the only Chain Chomp in the game. Several Water Bombs will fall into this area, damaging the player character if he comes into contact with them. Crossing the teetering bridge ahead will bring the player into the Big Bob-omb's territory.

To the left of the bridge is an area with a couple of Goombas and several stumps, in the middle of which is the Star Marker for this course. Up the short set of stairs is a large field with many Bob-ombs and a cannon, along with Water Bombs falling from the sky to attack the player. At the end of the field is a path leading behind the gate from earlier. Going up the stone path will lead into the base of the mountain, which has two or three iron balls (depending on the Star chosen) rolling around in the crevice. The way up the mountain is a spiraling pathway with iron balls constantly rolling down it and gaps the player has to jump over. The player can also use a warp point, located in the small cave the iron balls roll out of, to warp up to the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain lies either the Big Bob-omb during the first Star, the goal during the race against Koopa the Quick during the second Star, or nothing at all during any other Star.

Also on the course is a floating island that does not appear to be controlled by either territory. The island contains a red and a yellow ! Block, containing a Wing Cap/feather and a Power Star, respectively, and a cannon that can be used to collect the rings of coins floating in the air.


Mission Appears in Summary
Big Bob-omb Battle.png
Big Bob-omb on the Summit
Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64 DS
This mission involves fighting the Big Bob-omb at the top of the mountain.
Footrace with Koopa the Quick
Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64 DS
The mission's objective involves racing against Koopa the Quick to the top of the mountain.
SM64 Shoot to the Island in the Sky.png
Shoot to the Island in the Sky
Super Mario 64 This mission's goal is to collect the Power Star located on top of a floating island.
Yoshi Silver Bob-omb.png
5 Silver Stars!
Super Mario 64 DS This mission involves collecting five Silver Stars located around the battlefield.
Big Bob-omb's Revenge.PNG
Big Bob-omb's Revenge
Super Mario 64 DS This mission involves fighting the Big Bob-omb again in a rematch.
Find the 8 Red Coins
Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64 DS
This mission involves collecting eight Red Coins scattered across the battlefield.
Mario Wings to the Sky.PNG
Mario Wings to the Sky
Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64 DS
The goal of this mission is to fly through rings of coins in the sky.
Behind Chain Chomp's Gate.png
Behind Chain Chomp's Gate (N64) /
Behind Chain-Chomp's Gate (DS)
Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64 DS
This mission's objective is to collect the Power Star guarded by the Chain Chomp.


Statistics from Super Mario 64[edit]

  • Total Number of Coins: 146
  • Caps Found: Wing Cap (3)
  • Spinning Heart: Near the top of the mountain.
  • Cannons: 6
  • 1-Up Mushrooms (3):
    • Homing Mushroom : #1 In a tree by the Koopa Troopa.
    • Static Mushrooms : #2 In the tunnel under the mountain gate.
    • Triggered Mushroom : #3 Appears after collecting some coins from the ring around the flower bush.
  • Warps:
    • Mario can warp from a bush of flowers near the Goombas and the cannon to another bush that is near the Star Marker.
    • Mario can warp from the alcove midway up the mountain where iron balls are coming out to the other alcove near the top of the mountain.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボムへいの せんじょう
Bomuhei no Senjō
Bob-ombs' Battlefield
Spanish (NOE) Campo de los Bob-omb Bob-ombs' Field
French (NOE) Bataille de Bob-omb (SM64)
Guerre Bob-omb (SM64 DS)
Bob-omb's Battle
Bob-omb War
German Bob-ombs Bombenberg Bob-omb's Bomb-Mountain
Italian Battaglia di Bob-ombe Bob-ombs' Battle
Russian Поле битвы боб-омбов[1]
Pole-bitvy bob-ombov
Bob-ombs' Battlefield
Korean 폭탄병의전쟁터
Poktanbyeong ui jeonjaengteo
Bob-omb's Battlefield
Chinese 炸弹王国[2]
Zhàdàn Wángguó
Bomb Kingdom


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  • In the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack in Minecraft, one of the paintings that can be hung on the wall is the painting to Bob-omb Battlefield.
    • The room where the player goes into Bob-omb Battlefield is also located inside Peach's Castle in the pre-made world. However, going inside the painting will lead the player inside a pipe to a beach near Delfino Plaza.
  • In Super Mario Odyssey, the brochure held by Hint Toad and in the Odyssey depicts the map of Bob-omb Battlefield from a bird's-eye view.[3]
  • In a poll created by Nintendo of Australia and New Zealand, Bob-omb Battlefield was voted the "#1 Best-Ever Sandbox-Style 3D Mario Stage."[4]
  • In the entrance to Super Nintendo World, the painting to Bob-omb Battlefield is present on the wall in the foyer of Peach's Castle. However, if it is looked at from a different angle, then it morphs into a picture of Bowser Jr. with the Magic Paintbrush and Princess Peach's Golden Mushroom.[9]
  • According to Giles Goddard, the programmer of Mario's face, this was the first map to be completed in development.[10]