Battle Fort

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Battle Fort
Mario on the Battle Fort
Stars Super Mario 64 DS:
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Battle Fort (also called The Secret of Battle Fort) is an additional level exclusive to Super Mario 64 DS. The entrance to the course is located in the Mushroom Castle's courtyard, to the back right. The entrance is covered with Bricks, meaning that anyone but Yoshi can enter the course.


Map of Battle Fort
Map of Battle Fort in Super Mario 64 DS
Luigi, on Battle Fort

Battle Fort consists of several ramps and platforms, patrolled by Heave-Hos and with iron balls rolling across, the latter of which only Wario can destroy. A Chuckya is located on the mesh wire platform up above, and Bob-ombs continuously rain down as the player moves about. Several Goombas and Bricks are placed around the stage as well. Water bombs also randomly fall out of the sky.

In the VS mode, this is the fourth course, and all the enemies are removed, except the iron balls, which Wario can still destroy. Like in Sunshine Isles, there are VS Item Blocks with Wings that let players fly around the stage regardless of which character picks them up.


The Secret of Battle Fort[edit]

There is only one Power Star to collect in this area. The player must collect the five Silver Stars scattered around the level while avoiding the enemies and obstacles. Some Silver Stars might be in Bricks or Goombas. After the player collects all the Silver Stars, the Power Star appears in the Star Sphere near the player's starting position.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese びっくり ひみつきち
Bikkuri Himitsu Kichi
Surprise Secret Base
Chinese 堡垒的秘密
Bǎolěi de Mìmì
Secret of the Fort
French Le secret du fort
Fort (VS)
The Secret of the Fort
German Das geheime Fort The Secret Fort
Italian Il Segreto della Fortezza
Fortezza Blindata
The Secret of the Fortress
Armored Fort
Korean 깜짝비밀기지
Kkamjjak Bimil Giji
Surprise Secret Base
Spanish El Secreto de la Fortaleza The Secret of the Fortress