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Loves Me...?

Loves Me...? is a minigame of the VS battle mode of the games Super Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros. It is one of Yoshi's minigames in the former and a Puzzle minigame in the latter. This minigame is based on the He loves me... he loves me not game.


Yoshi is seen sitting on the bridge to the Mushroom Castle. The player plucks a petal off a flower (which resembles the Smile Meter from Yoshi's Story) by using their stylus, while Yoshi does the same, and the screen will say "Loves Me." After they pluck another petal, the screen will say "Loves Me Not." This continues until the player has plucked the last petal. The number of petals on the flower varies, and rarely, there will be only one or two petals. If it ends up with "Loves Me," a glockenspiel will sound. If it ends with "Loves Me Not," a sad cat meow, a bell-donging sound, and a goat bleat will play. Three "Loves Me"s in a row will result in "Really Loves Me!" and a happier glockenspiel will play. Three "Loves Me Not"s will result in "Really Loves Me... Not!" accompanied with very unhappy sounds.

Very rarely, there are occasions where only one or two petals appear. Following that, all the petals will fall off immediately, resulting in the flower's face being unhappy and the "Loves Me Not" sounds playing. When all the petals fall off at once, no text is displayed.

Depending on what result the player gets, Yoshi will react differently on the top screen. If the player receives a "Loves Me," Yoshi will be seen raising his arms in victory. If the player receives a "Loves Me Not," Yoshi will look down and be upset.

The New Super Mario Bros. version of the game can be played against an opponent. Each player can pluck one to three petals at a time, with the goal being either to pluck the last petal if the result will be "Loves Me" or to force the other player to pick the last petal if the result will be "Loves Me Not." Getting "Really Loves Me!" earns the player one point, whereas getting "Really Loves Me... Not!" causes them to lose one point. A player must pluck at least one petal on their turn. There can be three, five, or seven rounds. The player who has the most points after that many rounds wins. The turn order is randomly chosen, and all play in that order. When the game ends, Yoshi will react, much like in the Super Mario 64 DS version. The winner can see Yoshi raising his arms in victory, while the losers will see Yoshi looking down, upset.


  • Loves Me
  • Really Loves Me!
  • Loves Me Not
  • Really Loves Me... Not!
  • (All the petals fall off immediately)

In-game instructions[edit]

Play this mini-game for advice on your love life! Pluck the petals to find out how your crush feels about you.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はなうらない
Hana Uranai
ドキドキ!はなうらない (New Super Mario Bros.)
Doki Doki! Hana Uranai
Flower Teller

Pit-A-Pat Flower Teller
Spanish Deshoja la margarita Pluck the Daisy
French Elle m'aime? She loves me?
German Liebt mich... nicht? Loves me... not?
Italian M'ama... Loves me...
Korean 두근두근! 꽃점
Dugeundugeun! Kkotjeom
Thump Thump! Loves Me or Not
Chinese 爱情测验[1]
Àiqíng Cèyàn
Love Test



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