Vs. Trampoline Time

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Vs. Trampoline Time.

Vs. Trampoline Time is a minigame featured in New Super Mario Bros.' Vs. Battle mode. It is within the 1 on 1 category.

The game is a two-player rendition of Trampoline Time. Each player must use the Stylus to draw lines on their Touch Screen to create trampolines so that Mario does not fall into the pit below. Player 1 always starts with Mario falling on his screen. Each time the player sends Mario bouncing back up off their screen, they appear on the player's field. Over time, more Marios appear that the players must bounce back. Both players can only miss three times, and that player that does is the loser.

Names in others languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トランポリンマリオvs
Toranporin Mario vs
Trampoline Mario vs
French Trampoline éphémère (Vs) Temporary trampoline (Vs)
Italian Trampolini improvvisati Vs Vs Improvised trampolines
Spanish Duelo a Saltacamas Trampoline Jumper Duel

In-game instructions[edit]

"Draw a line on the Touch Screen to create a trampoline. You can draw up to three lines at a time. Place your trampolines to send Mario bouncing back to your opponent's screen."