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Not to be confused with Boo Balloon.
Balloon Boo
NSMBDS Balloon Boo Sprite.png
First appearance New Super Mario Bros. (2006)
Variant of Big Boo
Some Boos and a Balloon Boo

Balloon Boos[1] are enemies that appear only in New Super Mario Bros., where they are encountered only in World 4-A Ghost House icon from the New Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo DS.. They are Big Boos with pink cheeks, and their tails resemble balloon knots, akin to their name. The level contains five Balloon Boos. They appear large at first, but when looked away from, they approach the player while expelling air and shrinking; otherwise, they stop and inflate by inhaling air at a rather slow rate, until they have assumed their massive appearance once more. Balloon Boos continue to chase Mario or Luigi even when they have reached their minimum size. Balloon Boos can be defeated with a Blue Shell or a Mega Mushroom.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プープーテレサ[2]
Pūpū Teresa
Portmanteau of「プープー」(pūpū, onomatopoeia for puffing) and「テレサ」(Teresa, Boo)
French Ballon Boo Boo Balloon
German Ballon-Buu Balloon Boo
Italian Boo Palloncino[3] Balloon Boo
Spanish Boo Globo Balloon Boo


  • When Mega Mario (or Mega Luigi) comes into contact with a Balloon Boo, it flies away in a circular motion, similar to a balloon propelling air erratically when it is released.[4]


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