World 7 (New Super Mario Bros.)

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World 7
NSMB WorldSeven.jpg
Appearance New Super Mario Bros.
Levels 11
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World 7 is the seventh world in New Super Mario Bros.. It takes place in the sky, and is made up entirely of clouds, though some levels take place in overworld or mushrooms. To get to this world, the player must defeat Petey Piranha as Mini Mario, or by taking the cannon in World 4. The boss is Lakithunder, a Lakitu riding a thunder cloud.

World 7-1[edit]


The player will start on a small area of land, and then they will move mostly on moving platforms. The first Star Coin is around a fifth of the way through the level and can be easily reached. The player will have to play the level twice to claim the other two Star Coins. To reach the second Star Coin, the player must ride atop of the Winged Item block that appears about halfway through the level. Then, the player must jump into the Warp Pipe and take the coin. To claim the third Star Coin, the player should follow the moving platforms to a Warp Pipe. After this, the player should move along the upper moving platform. At the end of the level, the player should take the moving platform to gain more height on the flagpole.


World 7-Haunted House NSMB.pngGhost House[edit]

7-Ghost House

In this level the player must hit the first of a row of Brick Blocks to release a ? Switch that will make five doors appear when hit. The top door contains what appears to be a solid fog and a Star Coin in the bottom left corner accessible by ground-pounding. The middle-left door contains 3 pumpkin enemies, a Star Coin, and another solid fog - this time moving in waves. The Star Coin can be reached if the player jumps at the top of one of these waves. Neither the middle right door nor bottom left door are necessary to finish the level or get all 3 Star Coins. The bottom right door leads to the exit. Inside is a group of Phantom Hands who direct the player to the moving box that contains a ? Switch. When hit, two moving platforms appear for a short time that bring the player up to the next door. In this new room, the player can hit a P Switch that for a short time turn the surrounding coins into solid platforms. Here, the player can take a shortcut to exit the level by climbing a hidden vine to the left or take the standard route out to the right. The third Star Coin is in a high platform at the top right corner of the room, accessible only for the quickest players. Once the player leaves the exit door they are at the black flagpole that ends the level.

Secret Exit[edit]

When the player is in the area with the P-Switch, they must press it and then go to the left. If they keep hitting the blocks, they'll find out that one of them (that shines) contains a Beanstalk Vine, and climbing on it will take them to a door. The door leads to the secret exit's flagpole, which unlocks access to the 1-Up Toad House between level 7-3 and the tower.


World 7-2[edit]


This level is a wrap-around level. The player goes into a pipe. There are many Koopa Paratroopas and a red Koopa Troopa. The player rides on a rising platform. The player goes between two walls of bricks with two Koopa Paratroopas flying. The first Star Coin is off to the right side in between eight brick blocks. A red ring appears on the left. The player will see a platform with five Koopa Troopas and a brick platform with an item box on there. Then, there is a huge wall with a few Koopa Paratroopas flying around. There are two Brick Blocks and two item blocks. The second Star Coin is on the right, but the player will need to use a green shell to get it. Then, they should walk between a wall with a lot of Koopa Paratroopas. The third Star Coin is on the left. After that, there is a pipe to the right. The player can enter the pipe and there will be two Koopa Paratroopas and a Flagpole.


World 7-3[edit]


The level begins in an area with 2 Wigglers and 2 Warp Pipes. Entering the green one Mario will come out in an area where the he must ride a Big Wiggler to reach the end of the stage. While riding the gigantic caterpillar, the player can get many Starmen to leave a trail of Silver Coins as he moves.

Star Coins[edit]

  • The first Star Coin is after the Question Block where was the Starman is.
  • The second is beyond the first in which the player must use a Paratroopa to reach.
  • The last is at the end of levels have hit blocks with the spin jump the first and will get a Beanstalk. The player should use it to reach a secret area, then jump off the vine to get on a ledge with the final Star Coin.


World 7-Fortress NSMB.pngTower[edit]

There is a flying item block and moving walls with spikes on them. The player should go into a pipe. There will be some moving walls with spikes on them. The first star coin is on the right, but it is needed to go up and over the wall that is blocking it. There are three moving walls with spikes and the player will have to go up to the left. Then there is another spiked moving wall moving up and down. To get the star coin, the player has to go to the right and jump down, avoiding the spiked wall. Then, a spiked moving wall will be passed. The player should go left towards another spiked wall and four Item Blocks. The player can jump up, and there will be a platform. There are other moving platforms where the player has to avoid all the spiked walls. After that, there will be five coins and three platforms: two on the left and one on the right. The player can jump onto this other moving platform and go into this space with an item box. They should move to the other side and jump up. There are a few coins and an item box containing a fire flower. The player needs to avoid the spiked moving wall. Jump up, and the player should see a lot of moving spiked walls that should be avoided. Following this is a door.

After the door, there are Brick Blocks. All but one (which holds a fire flower) contain nothing. There is another door which leads to the other side. There is a moving platform with an item box that contains a fire flower. The player should move to the left and hurry past the moving spiked platforms. The player should jump up and see the second Star Coin on the right. The player should jump on those moving platforms and get the Star Coin. The player should walk to the left again and jump up.The player again needs to turn left and jump up. There will be a few moving platforms. The player should jump on them and leap to the top and walk left. After hopping up, there should be a huge clump of platforms. The player needs to wait until the platforms separate and then they should jump to the door. The third Star Coin is left of the door. Bowser Jr. is on a moving platform. After defeating him, he will retreat to the castle. (Seen if world 6 is not complete)


World 7-4[edit]

World 7-4

This is a very short level, and it consists of many mushrooms and Spin Blocks, similar to levels like World 1-3, but is a completely vertical level. There is only one enemy in the whole level, a Red Koopa Troopa. The first two Star Coins are above mushrooms. The final one is within a trail of coins near the end. There is also a hidden area with more Spin Blocks and a P-Switch, giving Mario/Luigi many coins. After the hidden area is the flagpole.


Secret Exit[edit]

The secret exit requires Mario in his Mini Form. The player needs to hop on a Flying ? Block, then around a pillar to reach a mini pipe. Going into this will take the plumber to the secret exit and all the way to the castle.

World 7-5[edit]

World 7-5

This level is filled with Bullet Bills and Bob-ombs. Unlike most World 7 levels, this level takes place on an overworld, grassland area and not in the sky. A Bob-omb is required to get the first Star Coin above a set of bricks. The next Star Coin can only be accessed by Mini Mario. A Bob-omb is required to blow up the block guarding the Mini Pipe. In the hidden area, there are several Micro Goombas, as well as the Second Star Coin, blocked behind a pipe. It requires Mario to get the Mega Mushroom from a ? Block in the hidden area. The final Star Coin is between several Bullet Bill cannons. After getting past some Banzai Bills at the very end, there is the flagpole.

Secret Exit[edit]

To get to the secret exit, Mario must blow up several blocks with Bob-ombs (or use a Mega Mushroom) to enter another hidden pipe (which is not a Mini Pipe) that leads to a hidden underground area. Another pipe will take him to several hills and the Secret Exit. This will take Mario to World 7-A.


World 7-6[edit]

World 7-6

This level is built on multiple mushrooms, and it has many Koopa Troopas, Paratroopas, and Piranha Plants. Near the beginning of the level, the player can throw a Koopa Shell to earn a 1-Up out of a ? Block.

  • The first Star Coin is in midair right before the pipe leading to the secret exit.
  • The next Star Coin is in a closed in area after the checkpoint. It is guarded by two Paratroopas.
  • The final Star Coin is difficult to get. The player must enter a yellow pipe beyond the location of the second Star Coin. With good timing, the player needs to jump across the Paratroopas flying in midair in order to get to the pipe off to the right. The other side of the pipe will have the third Star Coin.

Secret Exit[edit]

At the checkpoint, the player has to break the middle block on the top row first. Then they have to hit the block in the same position on the bottom row for the vine to the secret exit to show. Then the player has to ride the moving mushroom-like platform across to a pipe, where the secret exit will be held. This will take the player to World 7-7. On a side note, if the player doesn't take this exit, the path on the map will lead them back to World 7-4.


World 7-A[edit]

NSMB World 7-A.png

This level is somewhat similar to a level in Pipe Land from Super Mario Bros. 3. It is also an underground level and has the only appearance of Squigglers in the game. All three Star Coins are accessed by pipes, the final coin in a 'mini' pipe which only Mini Mario can enter. Completing the level is another way to reach the castle.


World 7-7[edit]

World 7-7 NSMB.png

This autoscrolling level mostly comprises falling platforms and 1-way platforms. There are several Red Koopa Troopas and Paratroopas. There are few solid ground areas through the level, although there are several Item blocks. Beyond the first third of the level are many moving platforms. Around three eighths of the level in, there is a Red Ring. There are no secret areas in this level, therefore all the Star Coins are relatively easy to get. At the end of the level, a Red Koopa Paratroopa can be used to gain height on the flag.


World 7-Castle NSMB.pngCastle[edit]

Mario fights Lakithunder.

This level is based upon Snake Blocks and is the first appearance of that object. The first Star Coin is near a set of spikes, the second Star Coin is on the "block" of a Spinner, and the third Star Coin is located at the end. Lakithunder is the boss of this level.


Enemies Introduced[edit]