Hide and Boo Seek

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Hide and Boo Seek
Hide and Boo Seek
Appears in Super Mario 64 DS
New Super Mario Bros.
Type Yoshi's minigame (Super Mario 64 DS)
Puzzle minigame (New Super Mario Bros.)
Time limit 3 seconds (first 15 levels)
2 seconds (after level 15)
15 seconds (Vs. Battle) (New Super Mario Bros.)
Music sample

Hide and Boo Seek is one of Yoshi's minigames in Super Mario 64 DS and a Puzzle minigame in New Super Mario Bros. Despite being one of Yoshi's minigames in the former, this minigame features Luigi as the playable character. The name and gameplay of this minigame are based on the game hide-and-seek.

The minigame's music is an arrangement of the Super Mario Bros. Underground Theme, like in Coincentration and Intense Coincentration.


Luigi must use his flashlight to find the Boos in the mansion of Big Boo's Haunt. The player must use the Stylus stylus as a flashlight. In the intro, the player sees the Boos, which follow basic physics, bouncing off walls and each other at angles relevant to the angle at which they hit them. By observing the Boos at the beginning, the player can predict where they end up. The lights then turn off, and the player then must find the Boos in the dark in three seconds by rubbing the Touch Screen with the stylus. If the player finds all of the Boos, the next level starts, where more Boos are found. After level fifteen, the amount of time gets reduced by one second. If the player cannot find all of the Boos in a certain amount of time, they lose the minigame and get a Game Over.

In the minigame's multiplayer version in New Super Mario Bros., there are more players and more Boos. Players have fifteen seconds to get as many Boos as possible. When all of the Boos are found, all of the Boos are counted and a new round begins. When the timer reaches zero, all of the Boos that have been found are counted, and the player who has the most wins.

In-game instructions[edit]

  • Super Mario 64 DS: "Rub the Touch Screen where the Boos are hiding! For the first 15 levels, you get 3 seconds to find them. After that, you only get 2 seconds."
  • New Super Mario Bros.
    • Single player: "Rub the Touch Screen where the Boos are hiding! Can you find them all before time runs out?"
    • Multiplayer: "Rub the Touch Screen where the Boos are hiding! Who among you can catch the most Boos?"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テレサのくらやみスイッチ
Teresa no Kurayami Suicchi
Boo's Black-out Switch
Chinese 和嘘嘘鬼躲猫猫[1]
Hé Xǖxǖguǐ Duǒmāomāo
Hide-and-seek with Boo
French Cache-cache Boo Boo hide and seek
German Buu Huus Versteckspiel Boo hoo's Hide-and-seek
Italian Caccia ai Boo Boo Hunting
Korean 어둠 속의 부끄부끄 찾기
Eodum sok ui Bukkeubukkeu chatgi
Finding Boos in Darkness
Spanish Escondite Boo Boo Hide and Seek