Castle Grounds

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This article is about the location in Super Mario 64. For the golf course from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, see Peach's Castle Grounds.
Castle Grounds
Mario in Mushroom Castle
First appearance Super Mario 64 (1996)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
Greater location Mushroom Kingdom

The Castle Grounds are the area in front of the Mushroom Castle in Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS. They are a hilly, grassy area with several small trees and a waterfall on the far left that pours into the castle's moat. There are two bridges over the moat: a wooden one that leads to the right side of the Castle Grounds, and a stone one that leads to the front doors of the castle.


Super Mario 64 / Super Mario 64 DS[edit]

In Super Mario 64, Mario arrives at the Castle Grounds via a Warp Pipe upon receiving a letter from Princess Peach. When he approaches the castle, he is greeted by the Lakitu Bros. There are multiple signs in the Castle Grounds that explain the game's controls. After obtaining the key from Bowser in the Dark World, Mario can drain the moat by ground-pounding two brick pillars in the castle's basement, which allows him to access an area underneath the moat where he can activate the Vanish Cap. After obtaining all 120 Power Stars, Mario can use the cannon next to the pond to launch himself on top of the castle, where he finds three 1UP Mushrooms, a red block, and Yoshi, who maxes out Mario's lives and gives him a special Triple Jump.

In Super Mario 64 DS, Mario, Luigi, and Wario all arrive at the Castle Grounds after Peach sends her letter. They then enter the castle to search for Peach while Yoshi is seen sleeping on the roof. When they fail to return, one of the Lakitu Bros. wakes Yoshi up, prompting him to search for them. When he tries to enter the castle, it turns out to be locked. To obtain the key, Yoshi has to chase a rabbit through a small hedge maze, which was added to the Castle Grounds in this version of the game. Later, after speaking to the Toad in the Rec Room, Yoshi can find six more rabbits in the Castle Grounds that give him keys when caught. A Black Brick was placed on top of the entrance to The Secret Under the Moat, requiring Wario to access it.

The VS mode also features the Castle Grounds as a playable course. In this mode, the doors are blocked, preventing access to the castle; a moving platform above the pond is added; and a Chain-Chomp is hopping around in front of the castle with one of the Stars located at the end of its chain.

Mario Kart 64[edit]

The Castle Grounds return in Mario Kart 64. The area can be accessed by driving off the road to the right on Royal Raceway after the big jump, though doing so has no benefit during a race. The layout has been slightly simplified; some of the trees, as well as the small beach with the cannon on it and the waterfall, are missing. The Award Ceremony takes place here.

Though Royal Raceway returns in Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Mario Kart Tour, the area in front of Peach's Castle (as well as the castle itself) has been redesigned, and it is no longer possible to explore it.


Super Mario 64[edit]

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャッスルバトル
Kyassuru Batoru
Castle Battle

French Terres du Château
Castle Grounds
German Schloss
Italian Giardino del Castello
Castle Garden
Korean 캐슬 배틀
Kaeseul Baeteul
Castle Battle

Spanish Jardines del Castillo
Castle Gardens