List of Super Mario 64 DS glitches

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This is a list of glitches found exclusively in the game Super Mario 64 DS, a remake of Super Mario 64. For glitches found in the original game and possibly Super Mario 64 DS as well, see List of Super Mario 64 glitches.

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.


Amp vanishing trick

A comparison of before and after the death fade-out starts
Wario disappears as the screen fades out.

The player must lose all but one wedge of their health and then touch an Amp. When they fall down to the ground in the death cutscene, one third of the body will be submerged in the ground. As Bowser's face comes onto the screen, the character's body will disappear.[1]

Baby Penguin inside the chimney

Tuxie in the cabin chimney
Tuxie in the chimney.

The player should go to Cool, Cool Mountain as anyone but Yoshi, pick up the penguin near the cabin, and drop it into the chimney. It will simply walk inside it because of an invisible barrier that the penguin walks on.

Backwards Triple Jump

If the player jumps backwards (holding the dash button in the middle of the first jump), then jump immediately after hitting the ground for the next two jumps, they can Triple Jump backward, although still doing a front flip.


If the player does the Fence Flying 2 Glitch and aims about two pixels too high, the character will hit the fence and start digging the ground.[citation needed]

Floating Penguin

The Tuxie floating after the Power Star has been collected
Tuxie floating after the Power Star has been collected.

In Cool, Cool Mountain as anybody except Yoshi, they must get the star from Lil' Penguin Lost. Before they grab the star, they must pick up one of the baby penguins. When they touch the star with the penguin in hand, the penguin will float above the player. This is most likely due to the fact that when collecting a star, the background freezes.

Hatless Power Flower abilities

The player should enter Tall, Tall Mountain as anybody and get anyone else's cap. With the cap on, they should go get the Power Flower atop the mountain, and then get Ukiki while the Power Flower is still in effect. They should wait for it to wear off, and while they are flashing back to normal, they should hop into the water, transforming back to normal by the time they reach it. When in the water, the player should head back on land via the waterfall (if they go on land normally, Ukiki will give his speech, causing the character to return to normal). When they have climbed the waterfall a little, then they can get on land. The player should then get to the top of the mountain via Hoot and get the Power Flower. Depending on which cap they got, the following effects will happen:

  • Luigi: His body will be invisible, but his head will remain the same.
  • Mario: Everything will be normal, but he will have wings growing out of his head.
  • Wario: The game will freeze the instant the Power Flower is touched. It can also be used to find the debug screen.[2]

Invisible character

In Tall, Tall Mountain, the player must go to the Black Bricks by the mushrooms and punch the one on the left to reveal a Mushroom. The player can also go to the pole near the rolling log and run around it/ground-pound it to reveal the Mushroom. The player must grab it and quickly go to the teleporting mushroom. They must quickly press Select Button while they are teleporting and go back to the game. When they emerge, the character will be invisible. The player can use particles or objects to determine their location. The glitch ends when the player enters the teleporter again, enters a cannon, dies, or completes the level.

Legs in the floor

When collecting any star that is not underwater, instead of jumping to collect it, the player should jump above it and ground pound. They will still collect the star normally but with the player's legs in the ground.

Less-than-100 Coin Star

The 100-Coin Power Star collected with only 15 coins.
The player with a 100 coin star with an improper coin score

Whenever the player collects a Star, they will not do the "Star Get" animation until they are on ground. By collecting the 100th coin when the player is over a pit, the Star will appear over the pit as well. Collecting the Star will make the player drop through the pit and end up out of the course with a life lost. However, the game will still record the player collecting the 100 Coin Star (unless the life lost was the player's last life), but not the 100 Coins themselves, seemingly showing the player collected the Star with less than 100 coins on the pause menu and other records. Since the save menu did not appear, the player needs to collect another Star or save and quit the game in order to keep the 100-Coin Star.

Luigi has super long arms

The player has to do the Fall Through the Stairs glitch as Mario or Yoshi, then fight Chief Chilly to rescue Wario. Wario then has to go to Big Boo's Haunt, then go to Big Boo Battle to fight King Boo. The player will see that the Luigi reflection has really long arms. This glitch also lets the player unlock Wario before Luigi.[3]

Magnetic forces

The player must go to Hazy Maze Cave as anyone. They must take the downward elevator to the underground lake. (The glitch will fail if any other elevator is taken or the player takes the correct elevator but goes up) They must move the camera a tad to the left and Lakitu will start moving away from the character so they can see the entire world with some objects missing. This can work the other way around.

Mini-mega Yoshi

As Yoshi, the player should enter Bob-omb Battlefield and choose a level where the block containing a Mushroom is present. The block should be near a Bob-omb and the wooden bridge. Yoshi should lick up the Bob-omb and spit it towards the block. The player should then try to have Yoshi eat a coin and be touched by the Mushroom at the same time. If done correctly, Yoshi will not grow, but the Mushroom will be in effect.[4]

Misplaced graphics

In Whomp's Fortress, after passing the Bomps, there are two Brick Blocks facing the mountaintop. The player has to look from any other direction and one of the Brick Blocks will be gone. The player can go right through the brick either way.[citation needed]

Sliding through the trunk

To do this glitch, the player must go to the Goomboss Battle area and face Goomboss with any character except Yoshi. Then, the player must locate a plant hanging out of the trunk and hop on the fat part of the stem. Next, they should walk up it until the player is right in front of the skinny part of the plant stem. The player must go up the skinny part of the stem, slide down, and fall off the fat part when the player has slid down the stem 5/6 of until the stem goes into the trunk. One of two things happens:

  • If the player slid slowly before they fell off, on the top screen the camera glitches, and on the bottom screen the player's character symbol goes into the trunk a little bit.
  • If the player falls at a moderate or fast speed, on the top screen the player's character will disappear, and on the bottom screen the player's character symbol is going at a moderate speed through the trunk without showing where the player's character is. Since the player is falling, the only way to stop it is to wait for the character to exit the stage.

Standing on air

In Wet-Dry World, the player need to go to the underground area and drain the water. The player has to go to the back to the building with a 2-tier roof and a pole on top leading to a higher platform. The player must get on top of the portion of the roof containing the pole, and walk slowly to the edge facing directly away from the wall. If the player stops at the right time, they will walk off the edge, but not fall. Zooming in shows that the heel of the character's foot is as much as the length of said foot away from the edge of the platform.

Standing on lava

As Yoshi, the player has to go to Lethal Lava Land and choose the fifth Star (Red-Hot Log Rolling). The player has to go near the star, but should not collect it yet. Yoshi has to jump away from the star into the lava and eat the star. If done correctly, Yoshi should have the star collected and should be in his victory pose while standing on the lava. This glitch can also be done if the player collects all of the Red Coins, flutters away from the platform the Star Marker is on and eats the star.

Strange camera

As any character, the player must go to the slide in Tall, Tall Mountain, and make sure that the camera is on moderate range. The player need to perform a dashing sweep kick (dash, crouch, then attack) onto the slide. Eventually, the camera will turn in odd directions on its own, and after some time, correct itself. If the player switches to far range camera at the right time, the camera will correct itself after a longer time. In either case, the player can manually correct the camera by pressing the L button.

Strange object

The player must go to Behind the Waterfall and read the sign just ahead, but not cancel reading the sign. If the player look left, the player can see a strange object on the edge of the same platform that, depending on the camera angle, can either be a Snufit, a Bob-omb Buddy, a coin, a red coin, or a Bob-omb Buddy inside a red coin. All of these are inactive, and as such do not move. If the player presses A Button or B Button to cancel reading, the object will disappear.[5]

Ukkiki inside the block

If the player manages to get Ukkiki to the black blocks in Tall, Tall Mountain, and jumps over them, Ukkiki will walk through them.[citation needed]

Ukkiki's midair speech

To do this, the player must enter Tall, Tall Mountain as Yoshi and go on any level. They should go to where the rolling log is and chase Ukkiki to where there is a slope leading to a ledge facing the water near where the player starts the level. They should then run, jump off the ledge and swallow Ukkiki. If the player hits a flame spat out by the Fly Guy, Yoshi will run around crazily as normal, but should jump off the ledge. If the timing was correct and all was successful, Ukkiki will give out his speech as normal, but the player will find themselves standing in midair. Then when Ukkiki finishes his speech, Yoshi will spit him out while falling. If or when Ukkiki hits water, he will disappear and reappear near the rolling log.[citation needed]

Ukkiki stays in Yoshi's mouth

If Yoshi eats Ukkiki at the same time as being hit by fire then runs in the water, he will make his speech, but stay in Yoshi's mouth.

Using occupied cannons

It is possible to use the cannon by the Bob-omb Buddies on the first mission in the Bob-omb Battlefield. If the player does the "Fence Flying 2" glitch, they must try to land in the first cannon. For unknown reasons, they will pass through the cannon shooting balls, and be in the usable cannon. When aiming, the player will be inside of the other cannon. This requires very good aim.

Warped Ukkiki

To do this, the player must go to Tall, Tall Mountain as Mario or Yoshi and find the Luigi's Cap. The player must get the Luigi's Cap and head to Ukkiki by the waterfall and hold it. Normally Ukkiki will take the cap that is on Mario or Yoshi's head (which is a Luigi's Cap) and the player will change back. The Wario's Cap will change to a different spot. Then the player must get the Wario's Cap and get the Power Flower and then go back to the Ukkiki that has the Luigi's Cap while the Power Flower is still in effect. When the player grabs Ukkiki nothing will happen. But when the Power Flower runs out the message will appear and he will give up the Luigi's Cap, but somehow he warps out of the players hands and goes into a different spot.

White Wario

First, players should go to Hazy Maze Cave and reach the swimming beast's underground cavern. Then, they should reach Behind the Waterfall. Then, they should go to the first stone platform connected to the river (closest to the waterfall), collect Wario's Power Flower and walk to the waterfall. When players return to the moat under the waterfall, the character's body should be white and the head normally colored. This glitch ends when the player leaves the drop off spot, and it can be redone only this way, not by simply swimming under the waterfall to the drop off point.

Yoshi's mirrored tongue

Yoshi's mirror copy having its tongue come through the mirror

To perform this, the player must go to the mirror room as Yoshi and run to the mirror and press A Button. Yoshi's tongue will come out of the mirror for a few frames before disappearing again. This is caused by the mirrored model on the other side of the mirror clipping through the mirror.

Yoshi's stuck tongue

To do this, the player go down to the basement and go to the room with Hazy Maze Cave, Lethal Lava Land, and Shifting Sand Land. Above the door are two flames. If needed, fix the camera so they can be seen better. Yoshi should be standing between the flames. Then, Yoshi must face one of the flames, with his back facing the other. Yoshi should flutter jump backwards into one flame, but at the same time, swallow the other flame. If done correctly, Yoshi's tongue will be stuck and will not do anything. Sometimes, it will not be all the way out, but occasionally, it will. To end this glitch, press A Button or enter a painting.


Glitched Piranha Plant noise

If Luigi collects a Power Flower and runs through a sleeping Piranha Plant, the bubble popping noise will play multiple times before the Piranha Plant wakes up.

Power Flower music glitch

If the player backflips and ground pounds on a ? Block with a Power Flower in it, the player will gain the ability, but the sound played when the flower drops down will still play.


Dive with an object

If the player picks up an object like a crate, jumps, and then immediately presses A Button, the player will be able to punch or dive depending on how fast they are moving while keeping the object in their hands.

Double Triple Jump

As Mario, the player must go to any course that has a red box with a feather in it. The player has to get the Wing Cap and wait until the wings start to disappear, at which point they quickly Triple Jump. The player will then do a Triple Jump twice.

Extra crush damage

If the player Long Jumps under a falling pillar in Jolly Roger Bay, the pillar will be destroyed, and the player will lose 6 wedges of health. In certain cases, this will result in an instant death. This glitch only works in version 2 of the game.

Ghost rabbit

The player needs to enter the courtyard as Wario and find the rabbit. The player should position the rabbit in between the Boo and Wario, and then face the Boo. Then, the player should charge for the rabbit. If done correctly, they will catch the rabbit and the Boo will knock Wario away while holding the rabbit. Then, the player should return to the rabbit to find that the rabbit is frozen and has no collision.

Gliding up the trunk

To do this, the player must go to the Goomboss Battle and jump onto the plant stem sticking out of the trunk. They must walk up the stem with the leaves. This will result in them sliding down into the trunk. While the character is still in the sliding position, the player must press up on the arrow pad. They should find their character sliding up the trunk legs first. There are two different results. The first one is the character will be stuck sliding until the player lets go of the up button, then the character will fall onto the plant stem and sometimes fall. The second one is the character will start sliding left or right and eventually fall off the trunk. There is no way to make the character stop sliding left or right.

Going up the slide

To set up this glitch, at least one DS must be connected, and Princess's Secret Slide stage must be selected in VS Mode. Next, Yoshi must go to the bottom of the slide and stand to the left/right of the stairs that lead to the top of the platform. While pushing against the wall, Yoshi must jump, press +Control Pad down, then center the camera behind him using L Button. Now all Yoshi has to do is walk up toward the slide remaining in the same position, and once he starts sliding, the player should let go of the buttons and Yoshi will slide up the slide.[6]

Long Jump in place

The player (any character, but works better with Mario.) must perform a long jump anywhere. In the long jump, the player should push +Control Pad up. As soon as the character begins to land, the player should let go of +Control Pad up and land. The player should perform another long jump, but they must let go of the +Control Pad. If performed correctly, the character will long jump in place.

Rolling Wing Mario

The player should have Wing Mario for this glitch. If the player triple jumps on the inner edges of the summit in Bob-omb Battlefield, Mario will "roll" on the edge and then slide on the ground or bounce back.[citation needed]

Tox Box warp

To perform this glitch, the player must go to Shifting Sand Land. Then, they must go to the Tox Boxes and, when their open side is facing the player, they should Long Jump towards it. Mario should go right through the Tox Box, and come out the other side.

Fence Flying

Method 1

Roughly where a player should aim to perform the glitch

As any character, the player should go to Bob-omb Battlefield. Then, they should go into the tall cannon near the Koopa Troopa. They should aim for the bottom of the floating island, and fire. If +Control Pad up is held the entire time, the player will be pushed through the fence and end up extremely high in the air, above the mountain. The player can control where they land, and can send themselves out of the level's boundaries, making them lose a life after about ten seconds.

Method 2

2nd way to do the fence flying glitch in Super Mario 64 DS.
The glitch in action.

The player should go to the cannon in the area right past a Chain-Chomp. They should aim all the way to the right, and then slowly down, until they can see a few pixels of a tree. After firing, if they hold +Control Pad up, they can be forced high in the sky after crashing into the fence. The player can control where they land, and can go out of the level's boundaries, causing them to lose a life.

Method 3

In Bob-omb Battlefield, the player must go in the cannon by the tree and red brick. Then, the player must aim as far down as possible, as well as far left as possible, then shoot. They will fly out of bounds, and fall into a pit unless the player aims the character. This glitch only works in Version 1.

Method 4

In Shifting Sand Land, the player should go to the pillar with the two tornadoes and face towards the path of the Tox Boxes. The player should then run up the pillar, but not all the way up, and then dive to the left. If done correctly, the screen will turn blue and the player will be shot up, but will still be diving.[7] The screen should turn blue again after a few seconds. At this point, pressing A Button or B Button will cause the player to lose a life.

Out of bounds and clips

Black room

If the player does the Fall Through the Stairs glitch and lands just out of bounds of the area, the player will land in the room with Tall, Tall Mountain and Wet-Dry World, or the room with the Tiny-Huge Island paintings, but the whole room will be completely black. Even though the player cannot see where they are going, the player can still enter pictures and doors. Once a picture or door is entered, the screen will return to normal. The room with Tick Tock Clock can be seen from the screen and from the map. This can also be used to get to Bowser in the Sky with less than 80 stars, or without Mario.

Fall down the wall

Sometimes, if the player grabs onto the edge of a moving platform, the character will make the climbing motion, but fall down, and through the floor. This can also be done on any fenced wall.

Fall through the stairs

Fall Through the Stairs
The "Fall Through the Stairs" glitch.

As any character, the player should run up to the room with the Tick Tock Clock. They should head either left or right, and climb up to the second step (not counting the ground). Then, they should slide (by running forward and pressing R Button and A Button) into the corner. It may take a few tries, but eventually the character will pass through the wall, and lose a life. However, in rare cases the player will be shot up into the sky and can guide themselves to the top of the endless stairs (even while they are still endless) and thus enter Bowser in the Sky with as little as 50 stars.

The glitch also allows the player to beat the game without Mario. However, if this happens, the player will eventually be sent back outside the castle and the game will lose some sound effects. If this happens, the player will not be able to go through the second locked door. This is because one scene in the credits shows Mario standing on Bowser's sub, which disappears when the player beats Bowser in the Fire Sea. In order to show this scene, a code is reverted which tells the game that Bowser in the Fire Sea has not been completed, thus the third floor is still locked. If the first star in Jolly Roger Bay has not already been obtained, it will also be added to the Star list, because the scene from this course in the credits requires this Star to be obtained.

If the player lands on the normal side of the mirror room, the player can find the door and load the second floor. However, if the player uses Yoshi to trigger the glitch and goes through the other side of the mirror room, they can fight Chief Chilly, who has something to say for Yoshi too. If the player enters the course without Luigi, his cap will not be there, similar to Wing Mario Over the Rainbow. The player can use the Crouch + Attack move or Dash + Crouch + Attack to defeat him.

Fall offscreen in Bob-omb Battlefield

To perform this glitch, players must choose the Silver Star mission. The players must collect each Silver Star and then take damage to allow all five Stars to follow them. Next, players must cause every Star to fall into one cannon. After that, jumping in the cannon causes Mario to collect each Silver Star, inhibiting the cannon's launch animation. Due to this, Mario falls into the bottom of the cannon hole and because it is not solid, he falls through and into the abyss.

Fly through Battle Fort in multiplayer

If two players play Vs. Mode in Battle Fort and one obtains the Wario's Cap, Wario should stun the other and swing them around in the grate under the start position. Then, Wario should keep ground pounding or picking up the other in the corner. Most of the time, Yoshi will go through the grate onto the platform above. However, after clipping through the wall Yoshi may instead fall into a black hole, and respawn back at the beginning, similar to falling off The Princess's Secret Slide.

Galloping through the fence

To do this glitch at Bob-omb Battlefield, the player must go into the first cannon that the player sees when going up the mountain. Then the player must aim so that the bottom arrow's point is just touching the bottom of the floating island. Then the player must shoot. If done right, the player's landing animation will play over and over. Once it hits the fence, the player will go right through it.

Going into thin air

Warning! Performing this action may corrupt your game's save file.

With any character (more easily Luigi or Yoshi), the player must go to Rainbow Ride and go to the top of the house. The player must flutter on the Star Crystal and try to ground pound on the fire before it goes out. If done correctly, the character will be invisible but can still be controlled but however after a while the game's sounds effects alter and the game starts to lag. If the player jumps off the house and into the endless pit, the game will crash as soon as the character screams, which will make a screech noise.[citation needed]

In the brick

In Wet-Dry World if the player goes to town, and enters first person view on top of the Brick Block next to the building with the climbable pole, then exits first person view, the character will be inside the brick. It cannot be punched while inside, but can easily be jumped out of.

Inside the block

In Chief Chilly Challenge, the player should make it to the end near the star marker. Then, heading toward the exit, they should come on a block that moves up and down, and a block that moves forward and back. There is a small space between the first block and the wall that the second block moves in. If the player slides forward into the space as the block is headed toward them, they may pass through it.

Inside the fish tank

As Mario/Luigi, the player should go to the right/left of the Jolly Roger Bay painting, charge up a dash, triple jump to the right/left of the painting, and then dive. If the player keeps running, they will be forced inside the water-free aquarium.[8] The only way to exit is to quit the game.

Locked in the basement

For this glitch, the player must perform the Underground Pool glitch, but not go in the cannon. Instead, the player has to swim under the area where the player would be able to walk after draining the moat. Then, the player should swim up to the surface, where they should be inside the castle walls. The player should turn the camera so they can see the small door which would let the player enter the basement from the outside of the castle. They must swim into the door from the behind, and then the screen will go white as if jumping into a painting. The player will now be inside the basement. If the player has not finished Bowser in the Dark World, going to the door that leads to the ground floor of the castle will just say that the player will need the key. And because the door that takes the player outside is submerged, it is impossible to get out of the basement. Since it is still possible to enter one of the three paintings in the basement like this, the player can get out by draining the moat, exiting the game, or by choosing "Exit Course" from the Pause Screen.

Long Jump of death

As any character, the player should enter the character change room and immediately turn left. They will notice a corner where the wall with the door meets another wall. The player should position themselves so that their character is facing the corner. Next, the player should start long jumping into the corner. If they keep it up for about a minute, eventually the player will slide up the corner and into the wall. They will keep falling until they lose a life and appear outside the castle. While falling, players will see a messed up graphic.[9]

Metal on the inside

Moat door method

Mario is about to get to the door from behind.
Mario standing underwater after doing the Metal on the Inside glitch.

The player must do the Underground Pool glitch; just as they enter the basement, the player must go back through the door (because it is possible to walk then). The player will find themselves outside the castle, walking in the moat. If the player jumps in most instances, the glitch will end; however, should the player go to either one of the places in the moat where the bottom is covered in mud (the exit from The Secret Under the Moat or the small lake near the cannon), it is possible to even do a triple jump and still be underwater.

Submarine method

This glitch can be done as anyone in the level with Bowser's submarine in Dire, Dire Docks. This can also be done in any version, although it is easier to do in version 1.

The player should swim to the area of Dire, Dire Docks with Bowser's submarine and go to the rear of the submarine where there are two propellers in the water sticking out of the submarine. The player should swim under one of the propellers and jump and do a ground pound at the same time. If successfully done, the player will be forced under the water and lose half their health.[10] The player can walk around down there, but cannot get the star in the jet stream due to the jet stream pushing the player away. However, Yoshi can get this star if the player gets through the five rings before doing the glitch. Otherwise, to exit, the player has to either die or reset the level.

Wario method

Wario standing underwater, like on the surface.

With any character, the player should head to Jolly Roger Bay and select the Plunder in the Sunken Ship star. Next, the player should head to the secret cave and grab Wario's Cap. By taking the Power Flower from the box, the player should run onto the nose of the ship. When the player is flashing back into regular Wario, they should be sliding down on the nose of the ship. With luck, the metal will have worn off by the time players hit the sea floor. The player can then use the clam to take their cap off, and the other caps are waiting for them down there. The only way for things to be back to normal is to exit through menu, go inside the ship, or go back into the secret cave.

Wet-Dry World methods

The player should enter Wet-Dry World with any character and they should set the water level so that the tip of the spiral platform is in the water. Next, the player should swim to the very back of the spiral and jump under it. This will take a few tries, but eventually the character will be forced under water and can walk in it. To get out, the player should get towards the surface of the water. This glitch is also possible when the water is raised to the second highest level, but is harder to do.

Similarly, the player should perform the The Town is Gone glitch and turns back after reaching the second yellow arrow leading to the town. When the town is visible, the player will walk underwater. The ? Blocks and ! Blocks will only bounce up when hit and cannot be used.

On the Castle roof in VS mode

The player should go in VS mode and choose the castle grounds. They should get the Luigi Cap and go to the far left of the castle. They should then backwards somersault their way to the grassy space. After that they should keep jumping backwards and scuttle their way up the top of the slope and jump off it to reach the top of the castle. The differences from the castle in Adventure mode is that there is better slope detection, no fencing, three 1-Ups, and a ? Block, there are no flags, the player can go through the center tower, and the graphics are higher than normal.[11][12]

Secret pool in Tall, Tall Mountain

On any mission where Hoot the owl is, players must enter Tall, Tall Mountain as any character. They must ride the owl to the top of the mountain near the ? box. Instead of taking the trails down the mountain, the player must jump off of various cliffs to get to the bottom. Players must land near the mushrooms and the Black Bricks, and go onto the warp mushroom. If all was successful, the player will come out of the warp to find that they are in water. Players can swim all about and when viewed from above, the character will appear as if they are swimming in thin air. Jumping out of the water or swimming to the other side of the mountain will result in everything returning to normal.

Swim in the basement

This glitch allows Yoshi to swim out of bounds in the castle basement. The player has to be Yoshi for this glitch to work. The player must alongside the rabbit as it goes towards Shifting Sand Land. Just when the rabbit turns, the player must hit A and they should slide up to the entrance to Shifting Sand Land with the rabbit in Yoshi's mouth. When Yoshi spits him out, the player should be inside the rabbit. When he finishes talking, the player should keep tapping A so they can talk to the rabbit again as quickly as possible. The player should end up behind the wall as they talk, and then they will fall into the water.

Swimming out of bounds

Mushroom Castle as seen from afar.

To do this glitch, the player must do the "Underground Pool" glitch but they must swim toward the boundaries instead. The player must swim under the ground and they willll swim away from the castle. There is nowhere to go, so the player will swim forever. If the player jumps out of the water the water will disappear and the player will fall and die. Swimming back to the castle also triggers the "Metal on the Inside 3" glitch.

The town is gone

The player must head to Wet-Dry World and choose any star. The player has to lower the water level and then get to the top where they can push the block. The player must push it all the way to the left, jump on top of the block and run into the corner. The player has to go into first-person view and turn until the wall disappears. Then, the player must exit first-person view. If the player raised the water level before triggering the glitch, the player will be swimming out of bounds. Otherwise, they will fall through the block. They must jump/swim through the wall and fall into the tunnel leading to the town. If the player looks where the town is supposed to be, it will not be loaded.[13]

Through the sunken ship

The player must do the "Metal on the Inside 1" glitch and head to the front of the ship. Then, the player must run into the ship. If the player does it in the right spot, the player should walk through the ship's wood. The player can see a turned off jet stream here. If the player tries to head inside the ship while behind the wood, the player will end up sliding between the wood that is there and an invisible wall of shadows. To get inside the ship from here, walk up the wood floor. The player will go through that floor and end up inside the ship.

Top of the Castle without 150 Stars

If the player uses Luigi in the front of the castle, they must head to the left-hand side and perform a somersault to glide to a small slope of grass. If the player triple/scuttle jumps up the slippery slope beside it, they can get on the top of the castle.

Alternatively, the player can perform the Underground Pool glitch and swim towards the cannon. The cannon will automatically work and the player is now able to shoot themselves up to the castle roof without obtaining 150 stars.

Underground pool

Mario on the roof after performing the "Underground Pool" glitch with the moat undrained.
Mario performing the "Underground Pool" glitch.

As anyone but Yoshi, the player needs to exit the castle and go to the left near the little lake with the cannon. Then, they should get onto the lake shore. Just to the left of the cannon, on a steep hill, there will be a tree. If players position themselves correctly, they should repeatedly slide towards the tree until half of their character's body will be beneath the ground, while the other half's above it. If that is done correctly, they should slide down the tree and hit the water. They can swim freely down there, but most of the time if the player jumps, they will keep falling until they lose a life. To get out, the player simply should swim into the lake from where the tree was.

Underground pool 2

The player will need to be controlling Wario or have Wario's Cap and be in Shifting Sand Land. The player will need to go to the Tox Box closest to the oasis and position themselves on the block where the Tox Box places its open side downwards. They should face towards the closest point in the oasis and in a position so that Wario will be able to punch the Tox Box from the inside, but not so close that Wario will be crushed or automatically repositioned. If the player punches the Tox Box in the right direction, the Tox Box will be partially hanging just above the oasis. If the player then directs Wario to the Tox Box and runs under the small space between the surface and the corner of the Tox Box, he will clip through the Tox Box and fall through the ground into an invisible pool of water. From here, everything functions the same as with the original Underground Pool glitch.


Boo with a Star

In the Big Boo's Haunt course, the player must make it to the attic area with the entrance to Big Boo's balcony. The player must position Mario next to the Boo painting and wait for a Boo to come out of it. The player must simply defeat the Boo to receive a Power Star.[citation needed] This Star is actually the same Star held by Big Mr. I. inside the painting, but this glitch allows the player to beat the level without having rescued Luigi. This glitch does no work all the time, so the requirements are unknown.

Castle teleport death

This glitch must be done at the final battle with Bowser. Mario must have one point of health left and get Bowser to knock out an edge or point of the star arena. When the star part is falling into space, Mario must be hit by Bowser and fall on the star part when he is dead. If this is timed right, Mario will be teleported to the entrance of the castle on the Bridge. There will not be a cut scene, but Mario will die right when he hits the bridge.

Chill Bully out of bounds

Wario looking at the Bully.

This glitch can be performed with only Wario. The player must go to Snowman's Land and grab a Power Flower from a ? Block and go battle the Chill Bully. As Metal Wario, the player should push the Chill Bully off the platform and out of the cold water once it falls in. Oddly, it will walk back into the cold water if the player does not attack. Also, if the player pushes the Chill Bully into the freezing pond, it will sink to the bottom of it.

This glitch can also be done with the Big Bully in Lethal Lava Land. The Bully has a higher chance of burning in the lava due to the lack of places that the player can push the Big Bully to.

Chill Bully suicide

Warning! Performing this action may corrupt your game's save file.

This glitch can be performed with any character. The player must go to Snowman's Land and grab the crate directly behind the starting point of the level. The player must throw the crate onto the Chill Bully's platform. Next, the player must lure it onto the crate. It will get stuck on the crate for a moment. After it falls off, it walks off the edge of the platform. However, if the Chill Bully is touched after it falls off the crate, a low humming noise will start and it will walk on air until it is touched again. If it walks off the screen, everything except Mario and him will freeze. If any object is touched, the game will crash.

Connected platforms

Connected platforms glitch
The "Connected Platforms" glitch.

During the first star of Whomp's Fortress, there is a slight chance that the moving platforms just before the battle area may desynchronize, and they will eventually become stuck underneath each other.[citation needed] This glitch does not affect gameplay, as the player is still able to stand on the platforms as normal.

Delayed Yoshi cap change

The player must have rescued Mario for this glitch to work. As Yoshi, the player must enter either Whomp's Fortress, Cool, Cool Mountain, or Lethal Lava Land for the first time and select a cap. When Yoshi finally enters the level, the message box will appear, and the cap will spin around as if Yoshi was putting it on, but Yoshi does not move or change. After the message block is closed, Yoshi will act as if he was putting the cap on, but the cap is already on Yoshi. Dying and re-entering the level repeats the effect, as long as the player does not get any Power Stars in the level.

Fire forever

The player should go to any level with a Power Flower as Yoshi (because he breathes fire). Once in the level, the player should put a Goomba in their mouth and then go to the ? Block. Once there, the player should get the Power Flower out of the box. Now the player should swallow the Goomba and hit the flower at the same time. If done correctly, the player should have Yoshi's cheeks full and the music will be playing. The player then should make Yoshi breathe fire five or more times, and when the song stops Yoshi's cheeks will still be full and he will still be able to breathe fire. To make it stop, the player can either complete the current mission or simply exit the level.

King Bob-omb walks off the summit

If the player has King Bob-omb follow them to the edge of the mountain and then hang off the edge of it, the boss will walk around the player and step off the mountain. He will jump back up and accuse the player of throwing him off the side. If the player lures him to the side around the spot where the path (that leads up the mountain) meets the ring step around the area, King Bob-omb will walk at normal speed to the opposite side of where the player is standing. This results in him blaming it on the player even though the Bob-omb really walked off himself.

Light Chuckya

Mario holding Chuckya as if it was a light object
The Chuckya in a location which would normally be unreachable

As Mario or Luigi, the player must go to a level where Heave-Hos and Chuckyas are both present such as the Battle Fort. The player must grab the Chuckya while simultaneously running off a platform. If successful, the player character will still hold the Chuckya. The player must then navigate to a Heave-Ho and have it flip the player character without taking fall damage. After this point, the Chuckya will act like a small object.

Mario and the disappearing water

In order to do this glitch, the player must play as Mario and go to Wet-Dry World and select any mission. The player need to make sure the water level is at its lowest point, and go to the grate in the corner of the level. They must swim towards the downtown area and touch the Crystal Tap to lower the water level. Now, the player must go to the other Red ? Block, grab the Power Flower and float out of the town area. Then, the player must run to where the hole is to the main area, and press X Button twice and make Mario look up to see that there is still water above.

The player must have Mario triple jump on the sides of the wall until he starts to swim in the main area inside the grate. The player should swim back to the downtown area. When Mario is halfway there, the water will disappear. The player can exit the level or by getting a star in the downtown area.

Multiplayer multi-cap

If two players enter any multiplayer course and both obtain a Cap at the same time, both Yoshis will be wearing the same cap (e.g. two Marios on screen).[citation needed]

Too fast for the Headless Snowman

The player should go to Cool, Cool Mountain and choose the fifth star. Before talking to the Headless Snowman, they should charge up a sprint by holding Y Button and run up to him. After talking to him, the player should slide down the mountain. When the player goes back up the mountain back to the Headless Snowman, he will start rolling down the mountain. If the player is fast enough, they will be able to guide the Headless Snowman to its head.

Touch the plank for 100 lives

The player must go to Whomp's Fortress as Mario/Luigi and punch the brick with the Mushroom. Next, the player must step into the warp, double Jump to the top of the fortress and touch the thin part of the wooden plank. If they timed it correctly, the plank will fall in the direction away from the arrow platform, and the player must keep touching it to get up to 100 lives. This glitch only works in version 1 of the game.[14]

Twin Power Stars

Two of the same Power Star appearing at once

In Big Boo Battle, the player must collect all of the Red Coins, but skip the first and collect it last. When the player does so, the Star appearing animation will take place (but only the wall of the starting room will be seen). When the player goes to the final room, two Stars will be above the Star Marker, one clipping into the other from above. The player can collect both Stars. The second Star has no effect whatsoever and will not add to the Star count.

Underwater zombie

The player has to go to Wet-Dry World or outside of the castle as Wario. He must grab a power flower to become his metal form. The player should then long jump, and make Wario's foot touch the edge. Wario will then scream in pain and fall into the water and can walk. If the player walks out the player will die. Once the metal wears off, the player drowns. If Wario gets out of water and the metal wears off the same time, he will survive. In Wet-Dry World, if Wario turns into Mario, he will also drown.

Yoshi carrying an invisible object

Yoshi holding the Invisible Object.

The player must go somewhere with at least two Goombas as Yoshi. Yoshi must swallow one of the Goombas and turn it into a Yoshi Egg. Then, the player must jump on the other Goomba and press A Button at the same time. The Egg should explode and Yoshi will be carrying an invisible object in his hands. Oddly, this might be something left over from an earlier build of the game, since Yoshi never uses his hands in the final version. Sometimes when the player does this, the HUD and some parts of the level will be invisible but can be interacted with. The touch screen can still be used to move Yoshi.

If the player stays in the level for more than a few minutes the game will crash. Occasionally, if the player tries to exit the level, the game will crash. If neither of these things happen, chances are that if the player tries to enter another course, the game will freeze. Sometimes this glitch will tamper with collision data, but this happens very rarely.[15]

Yoshi holds a Chuckya

To do this, the player must perform Secret Pool in Tall, Tall Mountain glitch using Yoshi. Next, the player must swim to the Chuckya, being careful not to make the water disappear. Then, the player must grab the Chuckya and swim with the Chuckya to the wooden bridge to make the water disappear. As the water disappears, Yoshi will be standing with the Chuckya in hand. With Yoshi holding a Chuckya, his running speed and his jumping speed is not affected. To undo the glitch, the player can throw the Chuckya.

Softlocks and Freezes

Freezing the game

Warning! Performing this action may corrupt your game's save file.

A freeze glitch in Super Mario 64 DS.
The glitch in action.

This glitch will only work with Version 1 of the game. The player needs to enter Shifting Sand Land as Yoshi and should choose any mission besides Stars 1 or 5. This is because Klepto does not attempt to take the player's hat in these missions.

After the player enters the level, they should put on a cap. After this, they should head on over to the other side of the pyramid (the one with Klepto, the lake, and a Pokey in between the two pillars) and pick up the non-bouncing crate. The player should approach Klepto and wait for it to swoop down. Once Klepto takes the cap, the game freezes.[16]

Frozen Snowman's Land

The player will have to go to Snowman's Land and do the Silver Stars level. The player has to collect all five Silver Stars, then go in the igloo. Once there, the player has to go back outside to find out that the Silver Stars have reappeared. Collecting one of them results in everything freezing except the player. Dying or exiting the level resets the glitch.

If the player were to collect one of the stars on a Green Shell, the game will completely freeze. This does no work on Version 2 of the game.

Mission Impossible 1

First, the player should collect all the stars first. Then, the player has to head for the igloo. After entering the igloo, the player should lose any of their Silver Stars by bumping into enemies.

The player can also do this outside the igloo. After the player collect all the stars, they should lose any of their Silver Stars by bumping into enemies. After losing all the stars, the player has to head for the igloo.

After that, they should exit the igloo and find that one of the Silver Stars, or all of them, disappeared from anywhere in the entire level. The player can come back to the igloo and see that the Stars are not there. The player's only choices are to complete another mission or exit the level.

This glitch was fixed for European releases of Super Mario 64 DS, and is only possible in version 1 of the game.

Mission Impossible 2

As Yoshi, the player needs to go to the Tall, Tall Mountain and select the second star. Then, they must get Hoot to fly them to the top of the mountain. The player must eat the Ukkiki on top. When Ukkiki asks for Yoshi to let him go, the player should hold him. Next, the player has to walk down the mountain, and spit him into the water. The player need to fly back up to the top. Then, they must eat Ukkiki again. When he asks Yoshi to let him go, the player must hold him again, and walk to the fence in front of the waterfall. If the player faces the waterfall, and waits for Ukkiki to ask for freedom again, they must say yes. Yoshi will then spit Ukkiki into the waterfall. If the player walks down the mountain, then flies back up, they should eat Ukkiki again. Ukkiki will not ask for the player to let him go.[citation needed] If the player hits A again, Yoshi will make a swallowing motion, and Ukkiki will reappear where he last was. The player must now leave the area, or complete a different mission.

Mission Impossible 3

In Big Boo's Haunt, the player should select the first star. Inside the mansion, if the player defeats a Boo and immediately goes through a door, the Boo's text will not appear. Since the text does not appear, defeating the rest of the Boos will not make the Big Boo appear.[citation needed]

Multiple caps

Warning! Performing this action may corrupt your game's save file.

Mario with four caps around him.

In Snowman's Land, the player needs to jump in the cannon and launch Mario, Wario or Luigi at the tree on the Snowman's mountain. After that, the player must get blown off by the Snowman. When the player lands, the player has to grab the box near the pile of ice blocks and throw it at the Snowman wearing the cap. After that, the player needs to put the player's cap back on and repeat the process. When the player defeats the Snowman again, two caps will appear. The player must collect both caps. The number of caps will double each time the player repeats this. After about sixteen caps the DS will begin to lag and there will be piles of caps (more than one cap in the same place).

When there are too many caps, the game will crash in Version 1 of the game.[17] However, if Mario gets rid of enough moving objects in the level (that means enemies, coins, etc.), then eventually it will get to the point that the snowman will stop giving out caps and Mario will be left without a cap. If the player has Version 2 of the game, the cap count will reset back to 8 caps after 64 caps have been collected.

Permanently crushed

Super Mario 64 DS version of Permanently Crushed
Mario being Permanently Crushed

Like the Nintendo 64 version, the player can get permanently crushed. However, it performed and acts very differently. To get permanently crushed, the player first needs to go to Shifting Sand Land as any character except Yoshi. Then, the player must take damage until their health is low. Then the player needs to get a Crate with its coins still in. Next, the player must carry it to go to the area with the Tox Boxes. Finally, the player needs to get squished by one of the Tox Boxes. If done correctly, the player becomes stuck in the crushed position and cannot move, jump, punch, or enter first person view, but can move the camera. Also, the Tox Box cannot cause the player to lose any more health. To exit this position, the player must either turn the game off or pause the game and exit the course.

Spiny freezing

In Tiny-Huge Island, if Yoshi licks up a Spiny and then goes swimming in the water while holding it in his mouth, the game may freeze, while the "swimming" noises play indefinitely alongside a high-pitched electronic whine.[citation needed]

Stuck under the brick

The player has to go outside the castle as Mario or Luigi, then do the Underground Pool glitch (with the moat drained). Then, the player should swim to the Black Brick and go under it. The player will get stuck and cannot get out. They also cannot enter the level. To get out of this glitch, the player must restart the game.

Trapped in the portal

Players must perform the Underground Pool glitch. Players must then swim towards the black box on the moat. If they perform the glitch correctly, they will be unable to move or jump. If players go into first-person mode, they will find their characters stuck between a gray area and the black box. The gray area is the entrance to The Secret Under the Moat, yet players will be unable to enter it. Their only choice is to exit the game. Or, if players are Wario, they can smash the black box before performing this glitch to get out.

Ukkiki freeze

Warning! Performing this action may corrupt your game's save file.

Players should enter Tall, Tall Mountain as Yoshi and get anyone else's cap. With the cap on, they should grab Ukkiki so that he can steal the cap. When Ukkiki has the cap, the player should try to grab Ukkiki to get the cap back. If they succeed, immediately after they get the cap, they should charge for Ukkiki to grab him again and, if they grabbed him as Yoshi, Ukkiki will try to steal Yoshi's cap despite him not having one. This will cause the game to freeze.

Uncontrollable Yoshi

As Yoshi, the player should head in front of the castle and find the three rabbits outside the bridge. The player must chase the left rabbit over the wooden bridge and try to catch it while going over the bridge at the same time. They should land in the water (it is recommended to do this before draining the moat, as the glitch will fail if they jump off the bridge and hit land). While in the water, the player should try to get slightly on land so that the rabbit can give his speech, and Yoshi can land back in the water afterwards, but before regurgitating the rabbit. With the rabbit still in Yoshi's mouth, the player should jump back on land to find that Yoshi is uncontrollable. He will be moving in the same direction he jumped in, but he will be moving without moving his legs until he touches a steep slope. If Yoshi did not hit the water, he will remain stationary and still is uncontrollable. When this happens, the only way to escape is to exit the game. If Yoshi hits the water, he can jump out and will move without moving his legs again, until he hits a slope.