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This is a list of glitches found in Super Paper Mario. Glitches marked with an asterisk (*) are fixed in the PAL version and revision 2 releases.

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.


Note: These glitches have no secondary effects on gameplay unless stated otherwise.

Disappearing Boomer

The Disappearing Boomer glitch can cause Boomer to be forced to go behind the background of a stage. It can only happen when one of the characters is in a background area near a Warp Pipe. First, the player must place Boomer in an area in which one of the warp pipes cannot be seen. Then, they must go down the unseen warp pipe before Boomer goes off. If this is done correctly, Boomer will go off and go behind the background. When the player is in the next area, Boomer will still be with them.

Flipped enemy

This glitch can be performed using any pipe that spawns enemies, however the following example is the easiest to replicate.

In the second room of Chapter 7-1, the player should enter the tall pipe next to left wall. The character will enter a room with a pipe that releases Squogs. If the player uses Boomer to defeat a Squog as it spawns from the pipe, it turns upside-down but walking normally. The Squog also throws rocks by its back. These enemies can be defeated by any attack including non-damaging ones like Peach's defensive parasol.

Frozen item collect pose

If the player collects an item right when initiating a throw One Button using Thoreau, their character will stay in the pose used when collecting an item after closing the text. This glitch will end once the player moves or opens the menu.

Invisible Flipside

The player should flip to 3-D with Thudley out in the area in front of Merlon's house. The player should then cross the bridge into the foreground but stop before actually making it across the bridge. The player should jump into the foreground layer but use Thudley's Infinite jumps glitch to flip back into 2-D before hitting the ground. Then the player should continue using it to proceed left until the player reaches a pit. The player should fall into the pit while in 2-D. If done correctly, the ground will disappear and the player will be standing on nothing. It is possible to explore the area in 2-D while walking on thin air, but the glitch will end if the player flips to 3-D.[1]

King Croacus palette reset

If the player uses Thoreau to grab withered King Croacus, he will revert to his normal sprite palette. This glitch cannot be attempted after completing the game.[2]

Missing Thudley's eyes

Before opening the large chest containing Thudley, set Boomer atop it and then open it. Thudley's eyes will not appear until he moves out from the front of the chest.

No walking animation

To perform this glitch the player must pick up any enemy with Thoreau, and then flip to 3-D as soon as they release the enemy. This causes Mario's walking animation to not play, instead his feet will remain stationary. The glitch can end by flipping again, jumping, stopping entirely, or after a few seconds have passed. This will not work if the enemy is picked up in 3-D, but if the player switches to 3-D and back before doing the glitch, it will still work.

It is also possible for this glitch to randomly occur after completing the fight against Dimentio in Chapter 8-3.

Soopa Striker weird animation*

Sometimes when the player kicks a shell and then jumps at a Soopa Striker swiftly, it will be spinning and sliding, acting like a shell. However, instead of being hidden in its shell, the Soopa Striker lays on its back with a dizzy appearance.

Spiny walking glitch

In the Pit of 100 Trials, the Spinies that can flip to 3-D do not walk correctly, instead using their idle pose when they walk. The other Spinies will walk correctly.

Stunning Thoreau

After stomping on an enemy to defeat it, the player should use Thoreau's ability to grab the enemy before it vanishes. While being held, it will be shown in its "Dizzy" form (also seen when players use Fleep). Players can throw this dizzy enemy to hit other enemies/switches, but as soon as the enemy hits the ground or an object, it will simply vanish and drop a few coins.

Swim facing backwards

By performing the Pixl switching method of the 0 HP glitch while underwater, the game is unable to change the player's facing direction, allowing them to swim forwards and backwards without turning around.[3]

Using Slim and switching Pixls again will allow the player to turn around while maintaining this state. Taking damage or using Luigi's super jump will fix the glitch.

Tilted Thoreau

The player should use Thoreau in midair and then quickly enter a pipe or one of the main elevators of Flipside Tower and Flopside Tower. If done properly, Thoreau's orientation will be stuck. After exiting out, Thoreau will continue to follow the player with this tilt until they either switch Pixls or presses the One Button button.

Through the treasure chest

The player must stand on any open chest, then stand on the open part in 3-D. If they flip back, Mario should fall into the chest. From here Mario can be positioned to where part of him clips through the sides of the chest.

Yold Town fire in the walls

Watchitt's house

In Watchitt's House, the player should flip to 3-D and hop on the chair closest to the door, and then switch to Bowser. From this position it is possible to breathe fire outside of the house.

Barber shop

In the Barber Shop, the building in between the empty building and Howzit's Shop, the player should switch to Bowser and simply walk to the left toward the wall and try to breathe fire. The player will then notice Bowser's fire is going into the wall.


Note: These glitches have no secondary effects on gameplay unless stated otherwise.

Missing spinning sound effect

While playing the Tilt Island minigame, the player must acquire a Flower and, while under its effect, press Plus Button and HOME Button. Then, they should go back to the game and unpause it. If done correctly, the sound effect heard while Mario is spinning stops playing.

No music after Tiptron

When recruiting a Pixl, the game briefly silences the music and plays a short fanfare. If the player purchases Tiptron from Francis, then uses Dashell to leave the room before the fanfare finishes playing, the game never receives instructions to unmute the background music and as such no music plays throughout the castle.[4]


Note: These glitches affect the way Mario and co. interact with the world or the world itself.

0 HP glitch

Mario with his HP at 0.

While at low enough health, the player must use either Dottie, Carrie, or Slim's ability, then select another Pixl right before an enemy touches them. While the ability canceling animation is playing, damage is inflicted and HP reaches 0, but the player is still alive and the beeping noise no longer plays. Taking damage normally results in a Game Over.

Additionally, the 0 HP glitch can occur by jumping on an enemy and taking damage at about the same time, often involving a projectile. The Back Cursya out of bounds glitch will return the player to Flipside at 0 HP if the textbox is closed before the Game Over sequence.

Boomer's disappearing chest

The player must get Boomer for the first time. They must blow up the wall to the left, flip to 3-D and go into the hole. The player must flip back into 2-D and they can see that the chest is gone. The player can only do this the first time they meet Boomer though. If they leave and come back, the glitch won't work.

Bowser bumps

As Bowser and riding Carrie, if the player presses jump Two Button and down +Control Pad down simultaneously, then presses jump when Bowser stops crouching, that 2nd jump will be performed in midair. It is possible to chain this jump trick multiple times, though it cannot be performed if Bowser is offscreen.[5]

Carrie runs away

When performing the Boomer's disappearing chest glitch, the player should ride Carrie. She will be able to move around while the character is stuck in place.

Disappearing Mimi

During the chase sequence in Merlee's Basement, if the player uses Slim after Mimi appears in a room she will leave after a few seconds. After this she is unable to reappear in another room until Mario finds Merlee.

Fleep cancel*

A ladder climbing animation that requires manipulating the camera while climbing a ladder
Side-profile climbing animation after a Fleep Cancel

While in 3-D, attempting to use Fleep will bring Mario back into 2-D and also activate Fleep's ability. However, unlike using the A Button button to flip manually, collision can cause the player to regain control while still transitioning. Specifically, Fleep's ability can be canceled by being aligned with bricks, having Mario's head inside a ceiling, or being positioned on a surface in such a way that he is pushed and briefly becomes airborne.

During this transition the game runs as if in 2-D, making it possible to remotely open doors and chests, talk to NPCs, and collect items. Using a ledge to perform this trick is referred to as a Fleep Ledge Cancel, or FLC for short.[6]

Flipping after a spring*

In Chapter 2-1 near the Star Block, there is a hole accessible in 3-D with a spring at the bottom. If the player flips after using the spring to escape, the cursor selection will be offset from Mario.

Infinite jumps

Using Mario and Thudley, the player should Ground Pound with the One Button button, and just as Thudley's ground pound reaches maximum height, cancel it and flip to 3-D. The mechanic of jumping in midair after flipping allows this trick to be performed repeatedly to gain height.[5]

This can be used to skip reuniting with Princess Peach in Chapter 7-3 and finding the three orbs in 7-4. Peach will automatically re-appear in the party after defeating O'Chunks in 8-1.

Life Shroom jump

There is a single frame after being revived by a Life Shroom where the game considers the player as grounded while in midair. This allows the player to jump again in the air, essentially performing a double jump.[5]

Open an upside-down chest

In the Woah Zone, it is normally impossible to open a chest if its orientation is different from the player's. However, taking damage while next to the chest will bypass this restriction and allow the player to open the chest.

Super Boomer

If the player flips from 3-D to 2-D and Boomer explodes at the right time during the transition, the explosion hitbox will extend very far from left to right, able to damage enemies but not activate switches nor destroy blocks.[7]

Through the shell

If the player kicks a Shell and attempts to run into it from behind using Dashell, they will not be damaged.

Underhand glitch*

In the River Twygz section of The Underwhere, select Barry and find an Underhand not attached to the ground. Use Barry on the hand and it will fall to the floor and become stuck. It will writhe and twitch but will not be able to really move anywhere.

Another exploit involves getting a free-roaming Underhand to follow the character out of the river. They will follow as expected but twitch if they touch the ground, or become stuck between Charold's boat and the river's edge.

Item failure glitch

When the player uses an attack item on an enemy, such as an Ice Storm, it sometimes fails and gives the message "no enemies to attack," despite there being an enemy on the screen. This can occur in bosses, usually when they are hurt or performing unique animations.

Mega Koopa glitch

In Chapter 3-1, after the Koopa Troopa hits the block containing a Mega Star the player should press the HOME Button button to open the home menu. Upon returning to the game, the Mega Star will be dancing on the block and fail to reach the Koopa. The player must either press the home button again with good timing or reset the game to end the glitch.

Out of bounds and clips

Note: These can range from clipping into furniture or objects to the walls surrounding the level.

Corner clipping

By ducking and jumping into a corner, it is possible to clip into the collision. Additionally by taking 3-D bar damage it is possible to clip into a corner while underwater.

Gold Bar clipping

Note: While the following applies to all items, Gold Bar and Gold Bar x3 can be thrown and recollected on command, making them ideal for performing the glitch in specific areas.

This glitch involves a Gold Bar and Slim (or alternatively Bowser using fire while riding Carrie). After throwing the Gold Bar, use Slim's ability and land on the item. The player will have collected the item and canceled the Slim state at the same time. From here the player must pull up the quick menu using One Button + Two Button, and either switch characters or Pixls. During this switch, the player can move slowly in the air, and collision is not checked so it is possible to completely clip through any wall, including the invisible walls acting as level boundaries.[8]

Inside the pipe

NOTE: The player needs Mario and the Pixl Dottie to perform the these glitches.


Mario has to flip into 3-D and shrink with Dottie. Then Mario has to head to the pipe slant which is the front. Then the player has to flip back into 2-D while on the pipe slant and grow inside the pipe. Flip into 3-D again, and head into the center of the pipe.


Once again, Mario has to flip to 3-D and shrink with Dottie. Then Mario has to get on the very edge which is the back. If done right, flip back to 2-D and let Mario fall. Grow with Dottie, and flip into 3-D again and head into the center of the pipe.

Light Prognosticus glitch

In Merlon's house, Mario should use Dottie to shrink himself, flip into 3-D, and jump behind the Light Prognosticus. Then, the player must go as far to the right as possible, then flip back. The player needs to grow to normal, and Mario should be squished. The player must jump two times, but not too high, and then flip back into 3-D. Mario will shake and stop. When he stops, he must flip, and Mario will be partly through the book. Mario can walk, and crouch. Crouching will send Mario in front of the book, but not permanently. If Mario turns into Princess Peach, the Light Prognosticus glitch will continue. However, if Peach turns into Mario again, the glitch will end. When Mario flips back into 3-D, he should move toward the wall, and then the glitch will return. Same as Mario, Peach can crouch, but the glitch will still happen. Luigi, however, will go behind the book, but can redo the glitch, with the same routine with Mario. Bowser will end the glitch completely.

Mega Mario throughout the city*

View of the whole level in 3-D.

The Mega Mario Throughout the City glitch requires Dottie. First, the player must shrink and flip to 3-D to walk behind the Warp Pipe that leads to Red's or Green's house. Then the player must flip to 2-D, grow back to normal size, and then flip back to 3-D. The camera will come in line with the background. If the player then flips to 2-D, the screen will view the entire area in 3-D. However, Mario can only walk left and right. If the player jumps, the screen will zoom back in on Mario, but will be viewed from the back, and will still be in 3-D. The glitch will end if Mario enters a door.

If the player changes to Bowser before flipping to 2-D after flipping to 3-D after growing back to normal, Bowser will slip further through the background and automatically revert to 2-D. Bowser will be behind the background. If Bowser walks behind the buildings, the camera will turn slightly and the game will crash.[citation needed] However, if Bowser jumps onto the walkable background, he will be in the background at normal size, not tiny size. If he enters the tiny pipe in the background, the glitch will end.

Note: This was fixed in later versions of the game by moving the pipe away from the background.

Merlon's house shadow world*

At Merlon's house, the player should do the The Light Prognosticus glitch, standing closer to the wall. If Mario flips and walks to the wall, he will fall down and a black screen will appear. Mario will lose 1 HP. While respawning, the camera will go in odd directions and Mario will not make his "Oof!" sound effect.

Merlon's house dark town

The player must do the Merlon's house shadow world glitch seen above. When Mario goes through the wall, the player must make him jump diagonally up-left. If done properly, the camera will switch to 3-D view from Flipside. Upon going into a building, the town will reappear, but the inside of Merlon's house can still be seen in 3-D, identically to the Yold Town Shop Shadow World glitch. If Merlon is in the house, he can be spoken to at any point in Flipside floor 2, including the Outskirts. If the player enters Tinga's Inn, it will reload Merlon's House, but will switch to the inn view once the door closes. This does not end the glitch, however.

Mini high jump*

The player must perform the Merlon's house shadow world glitch. Then, they must use Dottie to shrink Luigi. The player needs to have him do his high jump and he will fly through the walls. He will later respawn.

Pass through the box

At any place in Flipside or Flopside, Mario should flip into 3-D near one of the boxes that are placed at an angle. He should walk up to the side of the angled box that is visible in 2-D. Mario should then flip back into 2-D and walk left or right (toward the angled side of the box) and flip back into 3-D. He can now walk through the angled box. The same Pass through the box glitch also works with pipes.

Through the counter

The player should go to either a card shop (Catch a Dream and Fondest Hopes) or a kitchen (Hot Fraun and Sweet Smiles), then flip and jump behind the counter. When the player flips back and walks, Mario will automatically walk through the counter and eventually end up in front of it again.

Through the pipe

The player must high jump up to a platform with bricks blocking a pipe in Flipside's first floor and then flip into 3-D and break the bricks with Cudge, only they must not break the ones actually blocking the pipe. The player must slip through the gap between those bricks and the pipe, flip back and the character will be inside the pipe.

Through the platform

The player must be Luigi and must be under a platform moving down. To start the glitch, Luigi must high jump and hit the platform moving down. The platform will keep moving, and when Luigi starts falling, he should jump immediately. Luigi should be on the platform.

Walk through the floor*

The player must go to the Flipside B1 Outskirts. They must then head right in the middle of one of the half-circular openings and flip into 3-D. The player must flip back again and Mario should be through the floor. After a while, he will reappear, but he will be stuck in the opening.

Yold Town shop shadow world*

Howzit's shop can be seen from outside.

In the shop in Yold Town, the player must first do the Yold Town Shop Void glitch but when Mario does his "falling" pose, they must jump left and Mario will be in a world of black. The player should stay in 3-D because in 2-D, Mario will be back in the shop.

Another way to make this is doing the first version again, but instead of going left, go to the front side. The camera will flip to the normal side, out of the shop. The player will be on a totally black Yold Town and can walk in this way in 2-D or 3-D and even reach the Star Block in this way. (This will not occur if the player did not complete Chapter 1-2, however.) The gameplay will not be affected. If the player flips to 2-D, they will see a 2-D version of the shop from a different angle.

Another result is to walk into the black void until the player comes to an invisible door and go through it. They will come out of another building next to the shop; the glitch will seem to have ended. However, if they go in 3-D and run to the start of Yold Town, they will see the shop is still visible from the 2-D angle in 3-D.

Yold Town shop void*

A glitch
Yold Town Shop Void

In the shop in Yold Town, the player should use Mario. The player should then flip to 3-D, and go behind the small sign next to the counter. Then, in 2-D, the player should walk towards the counter. If done right, Mario should go through the sign, and be partially inside of it. Then, if they flip back to 3-D, Mario will do his "falling" animation, and fall through the floor. If the player moves the control pad, the screen will scroll away from the shop and into the void behind it. After about 10-15 seconds, Mario will reappear.

Softlocks and freezes

Back Cursya out of bounds

Falling out of bounds after touching a Back Cursya will cause the game to freeze once Mario is placed back in bounds. Receiving a game over from falling out of bounds will not freeze the game in this situation.

Boss out of bounds

Attempting to throw a chapter boss out of bounds will cause the game to freeze once they fall to a certain height below the area. This glitch does not occur with high level enemies fought in the middle of a chapter, such as Bowser in The Bitlands, rather those enemies will respawn on the floor.

Count Bleck softlock

During the 1st phase of the fight with Count Bleck, it is possible to softlock if Count Bleck is far enough offscreen once when attempting to start the cutscene advancing to phase 2.

Flipped Enemy spell freeze

When performing the Flipped Enemy glitch, if one of Merlee's spells activates it will cause the game to freeze.[9]

Flopside Pit of 100 Trials freeze glitch

After defeating Shadoo in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials, the player should go between two Treasure Chests as Mario, Peach, or Luigi, and then switch to Bowser. If the player tries to turn around and at the same time open a chest, the game may attempt to open both the chest in front of and behind Bowser. If this happens, the game will freeze.

Francis boss freeze

While fighting Francis as Bowser, when the player gets eaten by his tongue attack it is possible to be released such that Bowser falls through the floor. The game will freeze when attempting to respawn Bowser.

Hidden room freeze glitch*

If the player manages to shrink Mario at the same time he falls into a hidden room in Flipside, he will still be small, and he will fall through the spring. If the player tries to flip the game will freeze.

Merlee's Mansion freeze*

In chapter 2-2 Merlee's Mansion, if the player enters the spike ceiling room and decides not to grab the key, attempting to talk to Mimi will freeze the game.

Note: This glitch only occurs on early versions of the PAL release, if the console language is set to UK English, German, or Spanish.

This glitch has been acknowledged by Nintendo.[10]

Mimi double kill

In chapter 2-4 Merlee's Basement, it is possible to defeat Mimi again while she falls to the ground by using Boomer and flipping to 3-D. Due to an oversight, this sets the game sequence to chapter 8-2, where Mimi's spider form is fought a second time. However, this results in the game attempting to move NPCs in the following cutscene that have not spawned, and thus the game freezes.

Mushroom trap freeze

In chapter 8-2 Castle Bleck Foyer, there is a room with 3 Mushrooms hanging from strings, which reveal a trap door if the player attempts to take one. Positioning Mario on the Save Block and against the wall at the end of the room, if the player flips to 3-D and uses Fleep, the action will be canceled and Mario will collect all 3 mushrooms. Letting the transitions into the next rooms play out will cause the game to freeze.[11]

O'Chunks defeat softlocks

Sometimes while fighting O'Chunks in Yold Desert if the player defeats him while he is jumping, he will glide across the screen and the game will fail to end the battle. Similarly, if O'Chunks is defeated while he is landing from a ground pound, and then the player levels up from performing a stylish move, the boss performs the wrong animation and begins to ground pound repeatedly, softlocking the game.[12]

Room load freeze*

On Japanese releases of the game, a pre-caching error can cause the game to freeze when attempting to pre-load areas accessed from the current room. This issue was fixed in all later releases outside of the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console release.

Sammer Guy shenanigans

On the first visit to the Sammer Kingdom, a cutscene occurs involving the first Sammer Guy. By holding Boomer in 3-D and performing the Super Boomer glitch, the Sammer Guy is hit and his enemy behavior takes over. This causes the Sammer Guy to attack Mario in all cutscenes to no avail, among other interesting effects. Killing the Sammer Guy in any way before the fight starts results in the game freezing.[13]

Similarly, it is possible to clip out of bounds and grab certain Sammer Guys with Thoreau. If the game starts a cutscene after their battle, then killing them beforehand will also result in the game freezing.

Sammer Kingdom disappearing Star Block

In chapters 6-1, 6-2, and 6-3 Sammer's Kingdom, completing the fight on the 25th room of a chosen section will spawn a star block. If the player decides to return to the previous room, the star block will not be there anymore. This softlock can be resolved by resetting the game or dying.[14]

Save Block in space softlock

In chapters 4-1 and 4-3, the game uses special physics where among other quirks, Pixl abilities can be used in midair. If the player uses either of Slim or Fleep's abilities while barely below the Star Block, Mario can both end the level and use the Pixl ability. The game does not properly play the end of chapter sequence and the player cannot cancel the action, resulting in a softlock.[15]

Attempting this setup with either Dottie or Carrie does not softlock; instead, the player will complete the level while shrunk/grown or while riding/dismounting Carrie respectively. Entering the next level the player will be of normal size and will not be riding Carrie.

Slim sliding

When hitting the switches found inside The Dotwood Tree, they cannot be activated again until the red and blue platforms have finished swapping. This buffer allows the player to briefly stand atop a given switch without being pushed off. If Slim's ability is either activated or cancelled while standing on a switch, the animation gets interrupted, resulting in the character sliding across the floor. Trying to move while airborne or being hit by an enemy will end the glitch, however if those options are inaccessible, the player will be softlocked.

Skips and sequence breaks

Note: Any skips that allow the completion of a level without obtaining a Pixl are not problematic unless stated otherwise, as the game has a failsafe for specific Pixls forcing them to join the party after the level completion.

Block puzzle skip

In chapter 5-1 Downtown of Crag, there is a set of 3 blocks towards the end of the level, which must be hit in a lengthy sequence to create a pipe and reach the other side of the wall. By performing either Thudley Jumps and going over the wall,[5] or the Gold Bar clipping glitch to instead clip through the wall, it is possible to bypass this puzzle and reach the Star Block.

Boomer skip

In chapter 2-1 Gloam Valley, the player is normally required to obtain Boomer and destroy bricks blocking a blue switch from the top, which opens a yellow door permitting access to the rest of the level. Using either a Life Shroom to perform a Life Shroom jump,[5] or a Shell Shock thrown with precise timing and positioning, it is possible to activate the switch from the room below.

Merlon switch skip

In chapter 8-2 Castle Bleck Foyer, there is a room with Mimi disguised as Merlon, and the game intends for the player to hit the blue switch block. If instead the player uses Thudley to perform the Infinite jump glitch and enter the hole in the ceiling, they can obtain the key to the locked door early.[5]

Carrie skip

In chapter 3-4 Fort Francis, the player is meant to rescue Carrie from the dungeon to get across the spike floor and obtain 1 of 2 keys required to reach Francis. It is possible to cross the gap using Thudley Jumps, though it is difficult. Alternatively the player can use the Gold Bar clipping glitch to go out of bounds and simply go around the spike floor.

Dottie skip

In chapter 5-4 Floro Caverns, the key card used to access the O'Chunks fight is separated by a tiny corridor. Normally, this requires first obtaining Dottie and using her shrink ability, but landing on a Gold Bar next to the wall while using Slim as Bowser, then switching to Mario and ducking allows the player to slide into the corridor without Dottie.

Dotwood Tree skip

At the top platform of the interior section of chapter 3-3 Dotwood Tree, by taking damage next to the wall while using Slim as Bowser and then switching to Mario, the player can clip out of bounds and activate the blue switch from above. The Gold Bar clipping glitch can also be used to accomplish this.

Green Bridge skip

In chapter 1-2 Mount Lineland, the gap separating Yold Town from the Star Block is too far to cross as Mario, and the intended solution is to obtain Thoreau then speak to both Old Man Watchitt and Green, creating a bridge. This gap can be skipped using either the Life Shroom jump,[5] or performing the Shop sign clip and navigating along the seam, then positioning Mario in a precise location to climb up a seemingly vertical plane, and finally jumping across to the Star Block.[16]

Nolrem cutscene skip

Atop the Flopside Tower prior to chapter 8, Nolrem stops Mario and company for a lengthy cutscene. This can be skipped by using the Gold Bar clipping glitch against the right-side invisible wall, switching to 2-D and holding up-left +Control Pad to enter the door during the cutscene. Alternatively, the player can perform a Fleep Ledge Cancel on the elevator-side ledge to open the door from there.[17]

Peach skip

In chapter 7-3 Overthere Stair, the intended progression is to collect a Black Apple to wake Princess Peach and a Red Apple given to Cyrrus to reach the top of the room preceding the ending Star Block. Instead, it is possible to use Thudley Jumps to bypass both the gap meant for Peach's float ability and the bounce from Cyrrus.[5]

Rainbow Bridge skip

Warning! Performing this action may corrupt your game's save file.

In chapter 7-4 The Overthere, the intended progression is to collect the three orbs and use them to construct a rainbow bridge. However, this gap can instead be crossed using Thudley Jumps.[5] Attempting to return to the level afterwards and enter certain rooms related to the orbs will freeze the game.

Ruins key early

In chapter 1-4 Yold Ruins, there is a Key surrounded by blocks removed by a blue switch found in another room. If the player instead performs a corner clip and navigates to the left seam of the room, they can jump into the block structure and obtain the key early.

Sammer Guy fight skips

Most fights in the Sammer Kingdom cannot be skipped, as even after avoiding the trigger to start battling, the exit door is already locked. However, for unknown reasons, the rooms with cutscenes after the battle do not share this behavior. This makes it possible to skip Fights 17 and 20, using either corner clips or the Gold Bar clipping glitch.

Scanner skip

In chapter 5-4 Floro Caverns, the intended progression is to locate and recruit Dottie, collect a key card and fight O'Chunks to obtain a Floro Sprout and walk through the scanner. There is a complex tool-assisted setup,[18] however, the Gold Bar clipping glitch can be used to accomplish a similar feat.[19] The skip is performed by using the Gold Bar clipping glitch against the wall next to the entrance door, and lining up on the seam and performing a Fleep Ledge Cancel to enter the exit door from afar, bypassing the scanner completely.[20]

Note: This skip requires a more tedious setup when playing the game at 50 FPS, due to differences in fall speed and the Fleep cancel glitch being patched on PAL releases.

Water switch skip

In the first visit to The Underwhere, the path to unite with Luigi is a waterway that normally must be drained and refilled multiple times. However, it is possible to use 3-D damage to clip through a corner and swim out of bounds both getting to Luigi and when leaving the area.[21]


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