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Floro Sprout
Floro Sprout SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description "O'Chunks dropped this sprout. What happens if you wear it?"
O'Cabbage, Super Paper Mario

Floro Sprouts are mind-control seeds used by the Floro Sapiens in Super Paper Mario. The Floro Sapiens plant them in the minds of Cragnons, forcing them to mine the jewels found in the Floro Caverns. These Cragnons, called Floro Cragniens, cause Mario and friends to lose points if they harm them. In Chapter 5-4, Dimentio borrows three Floro Sprouts from an unknown acquaintance, possibly King Croacus IV. The first Floro Sprout he plants in the mind of O'Chunks, forming what he calls "O'Cabbage". O'Cabbage randomly shouts out the names of vegetables, and is more powerful and tricky than the normal O'Chunks. After beating O'Cabbage, the sprout falls off his head, restoring his consciousness. Once the player collects the Floro Sprout, Tippi asks if they would like to put it on. When the player equips it, Mario, Princess Peach, and Luigi place the sprout on their heads while Bowser places it on his muzzle. The Floro Sprout needs to be equipped to pass through a scanner and enter King Croacus IV's palace. After completing Chapter 5, wearing the dead Floro Sprout is still necessary to revisit King Croacus.

The second and third Floro Spouts come into play late in the game in Castle Bleck, in Chapter 8-3. Answering "Yes" four times to Dimentio results in him placing the sprouts on Mario and Luigi, thus hypnotizing them and resulting in a Game Over. If the player refuses to join Dimentio, they will instead fight him as Luigi (without Pixls) and, after he is defeated, he will plant the second Floro Sprout in Luigi's mind under cover of an apparent suicide. After Count Bleck is defeated, Dimentio takes control of the Chaos Heart and causes this Floro Sprout to spontaneously grow, ensuring Luigi's cooperation while he was being merged with the Chaos Heart to create Super Dimentio and destroy his own companions.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あやしげなはっぱ
Ayashige na Happa
Suspicious Leaf
French Pousse Floro Floro Sprout
German Wasnblatt What-leaf; shared with the Strange Leaf
Italian Germoglio Floro Floro Sprout
Korean 수상한 잎
Susanghan Ip
Suspicious Leaf
Spanish Brote Sprout