Diet Book

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Diet Book
Diet Book SPM.png
"A book about slimming down. Do I look like I need to diet?"

First appearance

Super Paper Mario (2007)

The Diet Book is a book found in Super Paper Mario. During Mario, Luigi and Bowser's visit to The Underwhere, they meet a hag named Hagra, who tells them that she loaned her Diet Book to a D-Man. She explains that she wants the book back, but is too old to go get it herself, and sends the heroes to fetch it for her. The D-Man willingly gives up the book, stating the diet did not work and was just a fad anyway.

Upon the return of the Diet Book, Hagra rewards the heroes with a key that allows them to continue their progress through the Underwhere Road.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイエット本
Daietto Hon
Diet Book
Italian Libro di diete Diets Book