Heavy Meal

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Heavy Meal
Heavy Meal SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description A gloopy mess that makes you feel...sluggish.

The Heavy Meal is a recipe cooked by Dyllis in the game Super Paper Mario. It is made by adding a Honey Jar to a Honey Candy. As it states in its description, the dish looks like a big, hard, gloppy mess. Using it gives the player the sluggish (De-jumped) status change.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コテコテりょうり
Kotekote Ryōri
Heavy Cooking
French Plat lourd Heavy Meal
German Schweres Mahl Heavy Meal
Italian Piatto pesante Heavy Dish
Korean 느끼한 요리
Neukkihan Yoli
Greasy Cuisine
Spanish Comida Pesada Heavy Meal