Horsetail Tart

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Horsetail Tart
Horsetail Tart SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description A simple-yet-popular dessert. Fills 12 HP and cures poison.

The Horsetail Tart is a recipe made by Dyllis in the game Super Paper Mario. It is made from a Horsetail and a Cake Mix. It looks like a brown tart with orange filling, and a small horsetail on top. Using it restores 12 HP and cures Poison, which is the exact amount of the two ingredients' HP added up.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つくしタルト
Tsukushi Taruto
Horsetail Tart
French Tartoprêle Horsetail Tart
German Wurzeltorte Root Tart
Italian Crostata cavallina Equestrian Tart
Korean 쇠뜨기타르트
Soetteugi Taleuteu
Horsetail Tart
Spanish Tarta Hípica Equestrian Tart