Sky Juice

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Sky Juice
Sky Juice SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description Tasty sweet-and-sour juice. Heals 15 HP and cures poison.

A Sky Juice is a recipe in Super Paper Mario made by Saffron. It's a tasty sweet-and-sour juice. It heals fifteen HP and cures Poison. It's made from a Blue Apple, Red Apple, Yellow Apple, or a Pink Apple. The recipe in game just says that it can be made from a Blue Apple. It's recommended because a normal one of those Apples just recovers five HP, while a Sky Juice recovers fifteen HP.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スカイジュース
Sukai Jūsu
Sky Juice
Spanish Zumo Celestial Heavenly Juice
German Luftsaft Air Juice
Italian Succo Paradiso Heaven Juice