Deluxe Feast

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Deluxe Feast
PaperMario Items DeluxeFeast.png
Paper Mario description Amazing food cooked by Tayce T. Restores 40 HP and 40 FP.

The Deluxe Feast is a recipe and recovery item in the game Paper Mario. It is depicted as a golden cloche with a white plate.

The Deluxe Feast is the second strongest of the meal-type recipes made by Tayce T., just after the Jelly Ultra. She can make it by combining a Strange Leaf from Boo's Mansion and a Whacka Bump from Mt. Rugged, or with two existing creations which are the Shroom Steak and Potato Salad. This entrée replenishes forty HP and forty FP, a vast improvement over any of the possible ingredients. It sells for the most in Shiver City's shop, which will pay seventy coins.

Zess T.'s Zess Deluxe in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is the counterpart of the Deluxe Feast. Both chefs say after cooking this feast that it is one of their specialties; the Deluxe Feast and the Zess Deluxe also heal the same amount of HP and FP.

Restaurants often garnish dishes with green leaves or vegetables to make them more presentable, as is being done with the Whacka Bump. Steak Salad is also a popular variety of salad that can be made. Both of these are represented as a Deluxe Feast in this game.


Recipe Result
Whacka Bump + Strange Leaf Deluxe Feast
Shroom Steak + Potato Salad

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャシーデラックス[1]
Kyashī Derakkusu
Tayce T. Deluxe
French Repas mortel Deadly meal


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