Snowman Doll

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Snowman Doll
PaperMario Items SnowmanDoll.png
Paper Mario description A snowman that crushes all enemies. Attack Power: 4
The Snowman Doll in action

The Snowman Doll is an item in Paper Mario. The Snowman Doll, as its name implies, is a small, doll-sized snowman. When used, a giant snowman jumps around the screen and inflicts four HP of damage to all enemies in the opposing party. It is extremely useful against fire-based enemies such as Lava Piranha or Pyro Guys. It can be bought in Boo's Mansion and Yoshi's Village for 15 coins, and in Shiver City for 8 coins.

In the game's sequel, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the Snowman Doll is replaced with the Ice Storm, which has slightly similar functions.

Paper Mario locations[edit]

The location of the hidden block containing a Snowman Doll in Shy Guy's Toy Box

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ユキやこんこん[1]
Yukiya Konkon
Heavy Snow
Chinese 雪娃娃
Xuě Wáwa
Snow Doll
Italian Nevicata[2] Snow Storm



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