Nutty Cake

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Nutty Cake
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Paper Mario Description A nut cake baked by Tayce T. Restores 10 FP.

Nutty Cake is a recipe cooked by Tayce T. when she is given a Goomnut. It restores ten FP.

This is considered an excellent item at the beginning of the game. The player could collect several Goomnuts, and then cook them at Toad Town. Another benefit is Goomnuts are free, meaning cooking Nutty Cakes are a way to save coins, as they can be used as a replacement for Maple Syrups (which restores the same amount of FP as the Nutty Cake).

One of Koopa Koot's favors involves his asking Mario to bring him a Nutty Cake.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マロングラッセ[1]
Maron Gurasse
Marrons Glacés
Chinese 果仁蛋糕
Guǒrén Dàngāo
Nut Cake


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