Berry Snow Bunny

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Berry Snow Bunny
Berry Snow Bunny SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description It's Snow Bunny's girlfriend! Freezes foes with frost.

A Berry Snow Bunny is a recipe from Super Paper Mario, obtainable by mixing a Snow Bunny with a Pink Apple. The Pink Apple is necessary, as other types would produce a Fruit Parfait. For the most part, they have the same effect as ordinary Snow Bunnies, albeit the effect is slightly longer. Berry Snow Bunnies, like many ice-themed items in the game, freeze all enemies on screen.

By giving Dyllis both a Snow Bunny and a Berry Snow Bunny, the cook can create a Couple's Cake.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イチゴゆきうさぎ
Ichigo Yuki Usagi
Strawberry Snow Bunny

French Lapin d'fraise
Strawberry Rabbit
German Erdbeer-Eishase
Strawberry Icehare
Italian Coniglio fragola
Strawberry Rabbit
Korean 딸기눈토끼
Ttalgi Nuntokki
Strawberry Snow Rabbit

Spanish Conejo de fresa
Strawberry Rabbit