Ancient Clue

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Ancient Clue
Sprite of Ancient Clue in Super Paper Mario.
"A paper with clues about the location of space treasure."
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“By rock man's noggin,
when outer space is reversed,
the door secret hides.”
Ancient Clue, Super Paper Mario

The Ancient Clue is an Important Thing that appears in Super Paper Mario.


The Ancient Clue is held by Blappy, the elder of the Blobules, who had spent his youth searching for the Big Treasure of Space. By the time of the game's events he had retired from searching for the treasure, though he had at least found the Ancient Clue somewhere in the Whoa Zone. When the player arrives on Planet Blobule and talk to Blappy, he explains how he came across the Ancient Clue and offers to sell it to Mario and the party for the price of one thousand coins. Declining the offer lowers the price to 100 coins, and then to ten if the player declines again; a third refusal causes him to raise the price back up to 100 coins.

After the item is bought, the player can use it to get Fleep to exit the outhouse he is in, after which he joins Mario's party. The player must use Fleep's special ability on a space rift above a rock formation resembling two faces, which is the location hinted at in the haiku; doing so reveals the Door Key required to open the locked door found earlier in the level.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 古文書
Ancient Document
French Vieux Parchemin Old Parchment
Italian Antico Indizio Ancient Clue