Training Machine

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Training Machine
Training Machine
"An exercise machine. Take it to Merluvlee."
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)

The Training Machine is an item from Super Paper Mario. It is a 2-screened handheld that resembles a Nintendo DS. Mario and co. received it from Bestovius to deliver to Merluvlee, after giving Bestovius the You-Know-What. Upon giving it to Merluvlee, Mario and friends question which body part Merluvlee would use it to train and Merluvlee cheerfully replies that she trains her brain, which is a reference to Brain Age. Apparently, the Training Machine is an old model; Bestovius claims to have a newer, slimmer version (likely a reference to the Nintendo DS Lite). This is used in the Piccolo side quest. In return, Merluvlee gives a Crystal Ball to give to Merlee. Giving this to her will gain the player a key to a house in Flopside where Piccolo is trapped.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トレーニングマシン
Torēningu Mashin
Training Machine

French Machine d'entraînement
Training Machine
German Übungseinheit
Training Session
Italian Allenamente
Korean 트레이닝머신
Teuleining Meosin
Training Machine

Spanish Maquinita
diminutive of máquina (machine).