Ultra Shroom Shake

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Ultra Shroom Shake
Ultra Shroom Shake SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description A feel-mega drink. Restores 50 HP and cures poison.

An Ultra Shroom Shake is an item in Super Paper Mario. It replenishes 50 HP and heals the Poison status ailment. If given to Saffron, the Flipside chef, she can cook it into a Shroom Steak. If cooked with a Honey Jar that's given to Dyllis, the Flopside chef, she can cook it into a Honey Super. The mushroom on the can closely resembles a 1-Up Mushroom. They are very similar to Ultra Shrooms, the difference being that Ultra Shrooms are only found in blocks and replenish health on contact with the player. The player can purchase Ultra Shroom Shakes at Notso's shop in Flopside for 300 coins each.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウルトラキノコカン
Urutora Kinoko Kan
Ultra Mushroom Can
French Ultra soda champi Ultra Shroom Soda
German Ultra Pilzmix Ultra Mushroom Mix
Italian Ultra fungoshake Ultra mushroom shake
Korean 울트라버섯통조림
Ulteula Beoseostongjolim
Ultra Canned Mushrooms
Spanish (NOE) Batido de ultrachampi Ultra mushroom shake