Red Berry

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This article is about one of various berries found in Paper Mario. For the red fruits found across the Mario series previously known as "Red Berry", see Fruit (Yoshi food).
Red Berry
PaperMario Items RedBerry.png
Paper Mario description A berry found in Flower Fields. Restores 5 HP.

The Red Berry is one of the berries acquired in Flower Fields in Paper Mario. It is needed to satisfy the red flower gate guardian, allowing Mario to pass. It can be obtained on a tree near Petunia, in the east of Flower Fields. The Red Berry heals 5 HP.


Recipe Result of Cooked Item
Red Berry Super Soda
Lime + Red Berry
Lemon + Red Berry
Apple + Red Berry
Coconut + Red Berry
Blue Berry + Red Berry
Yellow Berry + Red Berry
Melon + Red Berry Special Shake
Jammin' Jelly + Red Berry
Cake Mix + Red Berry Big Cookie
Dried Pasta + Red Berry Bland Meal
Koopa Leaf + Red Berry
Honey Syrup + Red Berry Tasty Tonic
Strange Leaf + Red Berry Sleepy Sheep

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あかいみ[1]
Akai Mi
Red Berry

Chinese 红色浆果
Hóngsè Jiāngguǒ
Red Berry


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