Repel Gel

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Repel Gel
PaperMario Items RepelGel.png
"Makes Mario transparent and invulnerable for a short time."
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Mario under the effects of the Repel Gel

Repel Gels are rare items in Paper Mario. The gel makes Mario invisible for two turns, causing enemy attacks to go right through him. They can only appear in a few select areas, such as Jr. Troopa's Playground after smashing the stone block there after Mario acquires the Super Hammer, in a ? Block in Gusty Gulch, in a hidden block near the shore of Jade Jungle, behind a tree in Shiver Snowfield, and by paying Rip Cheato sixty four coins for the fourth time. They are also dropped by purple question mark Li'l Oinks.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the Repel Gel is replaced by Repel Cape and Boo's Sheet which are much more common items.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese てきヨケール[1]
Teki Yokēru
Enemy Repellent
Chinese 隐身胶[2]
Yǐnshēn Jiāo
Invisible Glue
French Repouss'gel Repel Gel
German Tarngel Camouflage gel


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