Rip Cheato

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Rip Cheato
“I, the eminent Rip Cheato, will sleep better knowing you've bought this, for you are a man of great taste.”
Rip Cheato, Paper Mario

Rip Cheato is a a shady, seedy character that appears in Paper Mario. His name is a pun on "rip-off" and "cheater". He sells Mario items for 64 coins (which references the Nintendo 64, the console Paper Mario is played on) in the last room of Toad Town Tunnels. He has a few Star Pieces for sale, but he also has junk items such as Dried Shroom that Mario must pay for first to collect all his finer wares.

The pipe in his room leads to the blue locked house in Toad Town near Tayce T. The pipe makes a convenient secondary entrance/exit to the tunnels.

List of Items[edit]

The Items are always acquired in a set order, as follows.

  • 1st purchase............Star Piece
  • 2nd purchase............Life Shroom
  • 3rd purchase............Bump Attack Badge
  • 4th purchase............Repel Gel
  • 5th purchase............Star Piece
  • 6th purchase............Super Shroom
  • 7th purchase............Mushroom
  • 8th purchase............Dried Shroom
  • 9th purchase............Dried Shroom
  • 10th purchase...........Star Piece
  • 11th purchase (repeats indefinitely)....Dried Shroom


  • He's a merchant by the name of Rip Cheato. Who knows why he set up here... I guess it doesn't matter. People can sell stuff wherever they want. It's their choice. I actually kind of like it here. It's like a secret fort!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボッタクール[1]
Means "to rip someone off."
French Rip Cheato
German R. Ozzo.
Chinese 掠奇多
From the English name


  • His counterpart, Chet Rippo, also appears in Paper Mario, as well as in the sequel, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, where he looks much different.
  • Rip's appearance is unique in the series in that he is a noseless humanoid wearing a lamp on his head; as such, it is unknown what species he is. Charlieton and Wonky from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door slightly resemble him, but neither of them have lamps and the latter is spherical.
  • Although Rip Cheato has yet to return in a new Paper Mario installment, Charlieton, a merchant selling assorted goods makes an appearance in The Thousand-Year Door, has a similar role to Rip Cheato. Similarly, another merchant named Flimm appeared in Super Paper Mario.


  1. ^ Goombario's tattle on Rip Cheato states ボッタクールって 名前の しょうばいにんなんだ なんで こんなところに いるんだろ from the Japanese version of Paper Mario. See also [1]