Little Mouser (character)

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This article is about the character from Paper Mario. For the species of creatures, see Little Mouser.
Little Mouser
Little Mouser
Little Mouser, conversing with Mario and Kooper
Species Nomadimouse
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Little Mouser in PM

Little Mouser is a character in Paper Mario. An inhabitant of Dry Dry Desert, Little Mouser is a Nomadimouse and the owner of Little Mouser's Shop. He is also a member of Moustafa's unnamed organization. He is purple, and as such resembles Little Mousers' original artwork.

When Mario and his partners enter Dry Dry Outpost in Chapter 2, Little Mouser can be seen temporarily closing his shop and running quickly to Sheek, or Moustafa in disguise. When approached, he rushes back to his shop and re-open it. Mario needs to buy first a Dried Shroom and then a Dusty Hammer to show his "membership" of Moustafa's group. After this, Little Mouser tells him to go to the highest point in Dry Dry Outpost to find Moustafa.

Later in the game, Little Mouser is involved in two sidequests: letter delivery and Koopa Koot's favor. One long chain of letter delivery with Parakarry involves delivering a letter from Miss T. to Little Mouser. After receiving it, Little Mouser will reveal it is an order for various beauty products and that Miss T. is one of his best customers. Little Mouser then asks them to deliver his letter to Franky in Boo's Mansion. Additionally, one of Koopa Koot's favors involves obtaining a Red Jar from Little Mouser, who will give Mario the artifact if he purchases a Dusty Hammer, some Dried Pasta, another Dusty Hammer and a Dried Shroom, in that order, from his shop.

After Bowser is beaten by Mario, Little Mouser can be seen alongside Moustafa at the festival in Toad Town celebrating the Koopa Troop's defeat.


  • "He runs the shop here in Dry Dry Outpost. I don't know... He acts kind of strange. Is he nervous...? Well, he may be suspicious, but he still runs the shop. His stock seems to be made up of pretty normal stuff. I think it's normal..."


  • He is completely unnamed in the Japanese version of the game. His letter description refers to him as 店のしゅじん (Mise no shujin, store owner), while Little Mouser's Shop is known as チューチューショップ (Chūchū Shoppu, Squeak Shop, with a variation of this name later being used for the Lovely Howz of Badges).
  • It is possible to obtain both the Red Jar and access to Moustafa at any point when Little Mouser's shop is available, simply by purchasing the items in the correct order. This allows the player to meet Moustafa without talking to Sheek (and learning the secret order from him) and obtain the Red Jar before Koopa Koot asks Mario to get for him.