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Not to be confused with Buzzer or Buzzard.
Paper Mario Enemy
Location(s) Mt. Rugged
Max HP 40
Attack 3
Defense 0
Moves Claw Swoop (3), Feather Fling (2), Grapple Drop (4), High Swoop (4), Wind Blast (1-3, Mario/Partner)
Type Flying
Items N/A
Coins 0
Misc. stats
Level 35
Run N/A
Strong None
Weak None
Sleep? 60%, -1
Dizzy? 70%, 1
Shock? 70%, -1
Shrink? 75%, -1
Stop? 70%, -1
Fright? 0%
Air Lift? 0%
Hurricane? 0%

This is Buzzar. He guards Mt. Rugged. Wow! That's one big bird! Max HP: 40, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0 If you get caught in the clutches of his sharp claws, you'll lose 4 HP! Try to wriggle out of his grip. His special attack is flapping his wings to create wind. This attack damages your party members, too. But he was hatching eggs, wasn't he? Is it possible that he's really a she? I wonder...

“Yow! I got whupped!”
Buzzar, Paper Mario

Buzzar is an enemy that was hired by Bowser to stop Mario during the events of Paper Mario, where he resides in a nest at the end of Mt. Rugged with a brood of eggs. His name comes from "buzzard", a term used to refer to North American vultures, which he is modeled after, even speaking with an American Southern accent, using words like "yer" instead of "you're". Although in the German version of the game, he speaks with a Bavarian accent instead.

In Paper Mario, Buzzar guards the mountain bridge, however he is not very smart, and if Mario claims to be Luigi, he will simply let him pass, as Bowser only told him to stop Mario. This can be done indefinitely, ultimately making Buzzar an optional mini-boss only. If Mario claims his name is Princess Peach, Buzzar becomes enraged and thinks that Mario is making fun of him because the bird knows that the Princess has been captured by Bowser, and a battle commences. Buzzar will also attack Mario if he is honest about who he is. After being defeated, Buzzar jumps over the edge of the mountain, never to return. He is, however, seen in the credits, at which points his chicks are shown hatching from their eggs.

Buzzar is mentioned in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The entrepreneur Lumpy actually travels to Mt. Rugged, and has his backpack stolen by Buzzar. Mario can read about this event in Lumpy's diary.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲーハー
From hagewashi, "vulture".
French Buzzar -
German Buzzar -
Italian Buzzar -
Chinese 秃鹫哥哈
Tūjiù Gēhā
Geha the Vulture