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Not to be confused with Buzzer or Buzzard.
Sprite from Paper Mario
Species Buzzard
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Latest appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2024) (mentioned)
You reckon I don't know that? Yer askin' fer it, you big fibber!”
Buzzar, Paper Mario

Buzzar is an optional boss encountered in Paper Mario. He is a large vulture that resides in a nest at the end of Mt. Rugged with a brood of eggs. Buzzar's name comes from "buzzard," a term used to refer to North American vultures. He speaks with an American Southern accent, using words like "yer" instead of "you're." In the German version of the game, he speaks with a Bavarian accent.


Paper Mario[edit]

Bowser hired Buzzar to stop Mario from crossing Mt. Rugged's bridge. In Chapter 2, each time Mario attempts to cross, Buzzar stops Mario for questioning. Mario can claim to be himself, Princess Peach or Luigi. If Mario is honest, Buzzar attacks him and a battle commences; if Mario says he is Princess Peach, Buzzar scoffs at the notion and attacks him anyway. However, if Mario claims to be Luigi, Buzzar is not sure of his identity and looks to the bounty poster for a moment. Ultimately, he lets Mario pass, due to taking Bowser's orders literally and not wanting to risk stopping someone else by accident. This can be done as many times as the player likes.

If battled, Buzzar has a variety of attacks he can use. Most of the attacks deal a relatively large amount of damage compared to other enemies at that point in the game; they are also fairly difficult to block. He can attack by swooping down baring his claws, shooting his own feathers, and picking up Mario to slam him down. He can also flap his wings to make a huge gust of wind; the player must tap A Button quickly and repeatedly to fill the meter to minimize damage. The wind attack also affects Mario's partner, so if it is not minimized, the partner will be knocked out for a number of turns equal to the damage received.

After the player defeats Buzzar, he flees over the edge of the mountain and is not seen for the rest of the game. Regardless of whether he is fought or not, Buzzar is seen in the ending credits, at which points his chicks are shown hatching from their eggs.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

Buzzar is briefly mentioned in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door when Mario reads Lumpy's diary; the entrepreneur once traveled to Mt. Rugged, and had his backpack stolen by Buzzar. The diary entry refers to Buzzar as "it."

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Paper Mario[edit]

Paper Mario enemy
Battle idle animation of Buzzar from Paper Mario Max HP 40 Attack 3 Defense 0
Role Boss Type Flying Level 35
Strong None Weak None Moves Claw Swoop (3), Feather Fling (2), Grapple Drop (4), High Swoop (4), Wind Blast (1-3, Mario/Partner)
Sleep? 60%, -1 Dizzy? 70%, 1 Shock? 70%, -1
Shrink? 75%, -1 Stop? 70%, -1 Fright? 0%
Air Lift? 0% Hurricane? 0% Coins 0
Items N/A Run N/A Location(s) Mt. Rugged
Tattle This is Buzzar. He guards Mt. Rugged. Wow! That's one big bird! Max HP: 40, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 0 If you get caught in the clutches of his sharp claws, you'll lose 4 HP! Try to wriggle out of his grip. His special attack is flapping his wings to create wind. This attack damages your party members, too. But he was hatching eggs, wasn't he? Is it possible that he's really a she? I wonder...


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲーハー
Possibly from a partial anagram of「禿鷲ハゲワシ」(hagewashi, vulture), with two chōonpu added

Chinese 秃鹫哥哈
Tūjiù Gēhā
Geha the Vulture

French Buzzar
German Buzzar
Spanish Buzzar