Toad in the Desert

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Toad of the Desert

Toad in the Desert is a jolly Toad composer who lives in Dry Dry Outpost in Paper Mario. He is good at writing music, but not so good at writing the Lyrics. Later in the events of Chapter 3 in the game, Master Poet has attempted to write the Lyrics for Pop Diva to make her sing again after Princess Peach is kidnapped by Bowser. When he is done, he realized that he needs a composer to write the song with music keys. Master Poet begs to Mario to find the composer in the Mushroom Kingdom as he gives the Lyrics to him. When Mario gives the item to Toad in the Desert, he was strongly amazed by Master Poet’s work; he aptly wrote in music keys which turned the Lyrics, into an item; the Melody. He warned to Mario that this song Toad in the Desert made is only for an expert to sing; as of all, only Pop Diva can only sing the Melody to recover her lost voice. Despite living in Dry Dry Outpost, he is the only Toad resident in said town who isn't a Dryite.


  • "He's a Toaaad in the Deserrrt ...Sorry. This guy's music moved me to song. How about some karaoke! ...Just joking. This composer seems pretty jolly, doesn't he? He makes me wanna dance!"