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Steward sprite from Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
“Ah, greetings, Master Mario...How very impressive that you were able to brave the cold all the way here. I am the steward of this estate.”
Steward, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The steward is a Toad who makes an appearance in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. He resides at The Enigmansion as a former owner and a current servant to its present owner, the forebear. According to the steward, he became the owner of the mansion once its previous steward passed away. As both a steward and servant, he shows great hospitality toward Mario and the forebear.

During the events of the game, the steward's mansion becomes haunted as a result of many Boos being released from the Book of Sealing, and he gives Mario the task of finding them all and sealing them back into the book. After this is done, the steward will give him the Forebear's Portrait as thanks, allowing Mario to access the ski lift at Whiteout Valley.

If Mario decides to return to the Enigmansion after riding the ski lift, he will discover that the forebear has returned to the mansion and regained ownership, making the former steward his servant.


The steward is first seen at the beginning of W 4-3, The Enigmansion, where he is sitting outside on the porch in the middle of a snowstorm. Once Mario approaches him, he introduces himself as the steward of the mansion. He gives Mario the offer of enjoying comforts of the mansion, but says that it is impossible at the time, as a book containing terrifying creatures has been opened, releasing the creatures within, causing him to flee the mansion. As proof, he shows Mario the Book of Sealing, the book which contained the ghosts. He then gives Mario the task of capturing the ghosts back into the Book of Sealing and returning it to its rightful place, allowing him to resume his duties and treat Mario with the hospitality he deserves.

Two of the Boos which Mario must capture involve the steward. If Mario exits the mansion, he will find the steward by a bonfire, struggling to get warm. His chills turn out to be because of a Boo hiding behind him, which is revealed when Mario hammers out the flames. After the Boo is defeated and sealed into the book, the steward says that his chills have gone away as though they were never there in the first place. Another Boo requires Mario to remove a portrait of the steward blocking off the second floor and replace it with the Mansion Door, then move the portrait to a bedroom on the second floor, so that the Boo inside becomes visible and can be battled and captured.

After capturing all the Boos and defeating the Big Boo in the basement, Mario places the Book of Sealing back on its pedestal, returning the mansion to its former state. The steward appears and tells Mario that the paranormal activity in the manor has disappeared completely. He invites him to a room near the lobby, where he insists they sit down and chat. After Mario inspects a picture on the wall, the steward explains that it was painted by the previous proprietor of the mansion, who has passed away. As a token of his thanks, he gives Mario the Forebear's Portrait, saying that he feels better without it and that he may put up a picture of himself in its place. Mario can now activate the ski lift at Whiteout Valley, where he will meet the forebear himself.

If Mario decides to revisit the mansion after taking the ski lift, he will discover that the forebear has returned and reclaimed his position as the owner of the mansion. He calls in the steward, who is now his servant. As further thanks, the steward gives Mario an HP-Up Heart.

The steward is later seen near the end of the game along with the forebear at the revival of the Sticker Fest. In addition, the steward and forebear appear together in the end parade, where they can be seen inside the mansion on the World 4 float, having tea while the Big Boo pops out from behind and a group of Boos circle them.



  • "I beg your pardon, but could I trouble you to hear my tale before entering?"
  • "Ah, greetings, Master Mario... How very impressive that you were able to brave the cold all the way here. I am the steward of this estate. As I'm sure you must be exhausted by the long journey, nothing would please me more than to invite you in to enjoy the comforts of the mansion. Sadly, I must admit that such niceties are impossible at this time. Someone has committed a terrible act. A book was opened--a terrible book with terrifying things sealed within. Many terrifying things escaped. These things... They are so terrifying that I can't even bear to speak their terrible names. Suffice to say, it was too terrifying to be in such close proximity to those terrors, so I fled the mansion and set up residence in my current spot of shame. If you doubt this terrifying tale, I ask that you look upon THIS!"
  • "Master Mario... What you now hold is the very Book of Sealing I speak of... The one that once was the prison of those terrifying things. It heartens me to see that book in the capable hands of a gallant figure such as yourself! If you can once again seal all the terrifying things within that book and return it to the basement... Then, and only then, I can resume my duties inside and pamper you with the royal treatment you deserve. Master Mario, please allow me to treat you to the finest hospitality known to Toadkind! Seal up all those terrors!"
  • "Seal all the terrifying things within that book and return it to the basement, I beg you! I want nothing more than to witness you enjoying the peerless hospitality of our mansion! Please, make it so!"
  • "Ah, Master Mario. I suddenly feel chills up and down my spine. That can't be normal... What could be the cause? Even when I warm myself by the bonfire, the chills won't go away. I daresay I may be catching a cold."
  • "Ah, Master Mario, chills are positively racing up and down my back. How can you deny a Toad in my condition the comfort of a fire?!"
  • "Ah, Master Mario. Those chills that had set up residence along my spine have disappeared like they never existed. I daresay I'm over that cold."
  • "The mansion is still teeming with terrifying things. I can feel the terror from all the way out here. Please, seal them all away!"
  • "There's noticeably fewer terrible things, but I can still feel SOME terror."
  • "There are considerably fewer terrible things, but I'm afraid there's still a fair amount of terror coming out of there."
  • "I feel about eight terrifying things still roam the halls. Keep after them, Master Mario."
  • "I should think there are around seven of those terrifying things still at large. Please keep going, Master Mario."
  • "Six. Yes, six terrifying things still wander the grounds. Do not stop, Master Mario."
  • "Five terrifying things still laugh at us from the dark. Master Mario, get them!"
  • "Four terrifying things creep in the shadows. Keep fighting, Master Mario."
  • "I feel terror. If I had to quantify that terror, the number would be...three. Just a little more to go, Master Mario."
  • "There is but a pair of terrifying things remaining, Master Mario."
  • "My terror-unit reading is holding steady at just a single terrifying thing. Almost there!"
  • "The mansion isn't terrifying anymore, but Master Mario, that book most assuredly is. Please, make sure it is safe in the basement with all speed."
  • "Master Mario! You did it, didn't you!"
  • "The inside of the mansion is no longer terrifying whatsoever! That book is sealed up, and all is back to normal! Thank you ever so! And now, as promised, allow me to show you the very finest in hospitality! Please, let's adjourn to the room to the left of the lobby."
  • "Ah, welcome."
  • "What do you think of our magnificent living room? Makes you feel rather instantly at home, does it not? It pleases me to no end to be able to provide the hospitality that befits this glorious place. And finally, I look like a proper steward again. Perhaps it's time I advertised for a manservant of my own. Oh ho ho."
  • "Master Mario, please! No need to stand. Do have a seat in that chair over there."
  • "What do you think? A grand tune, no? Makes a fellow feel right at home."
  • "Ah, yes... That picture. That was painted by the mansion's previous proprietor... In other words, the steward who came before me. I inherited the charge of the mansionwhen he passed away. If it interests you, I am happy to make you a gift of that painting. After all, I am the steward now, and can dispense the estate as I see fit. Please, do not hesitate to take it. Such is our legendary hospitality!"
  • "Ah, to be quite honest, I feel much better without that painting. I'd like to put up a picture of something that makes it more MY mansion... Perhaps even a picture of me."
  • "I'm also happy to make Master Mario feel at home."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese (Simplified) 主人
Italian Amministratore Administrator