Gauntlet Pond

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Gauntlet Pond
Mario on a platform above the pond
World-Level W3-9
World World 3
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
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Gauntlet Pond is the ninth level of World 3 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The level takes place in a poisonous pond with several platforms that swing back and forth, along with a few elevated plains. The Wiggler Segment of this area can be seen in the beginning of the level, isolated in a plain in the middle of the poison.


At the start of the level, Mario can see the Wiggler Segment in a platform in the middle of the poison, surrounded by Poison Bloopers. Mario must use the various swinging platforms to cross the poisonous pond, where some Snifits can be found. After making it to the other side of the pool, Mario must pull off a Bowser Tape, releasing a log that can be used to safely cross the poisonous pond. Using this log, Mario can reach the platform where the segment is located, but when Mario approaches, the Wiggler Segment runs away.

Mario must then head right, until he is taken to an area with several swinging platforms above another poisonous pool. This time, a Heart Block can be found near the poison. Here, Mario needs to jump from platform to platform, eventually having to pull a Bowser Tape off of a swinging platform, to reach the segment, who once again runs away when Mario comes too close.

Mario eventually finds a Super Star on the poisonous pool, allowing him to become invincible and walk in the poison without taking damage. Mario can use this star to reach the next area, where he finds the Wiggler Segment stuck on a piece of a tree trunk, floating in the poison. Mario needs to jump on the tree trunk and pull the segment off, releasing it. After the Wiggler Segment joins Mario, he must collect the Comet Piece, using the swinging platforms to reach it.

Secret Door[edit]

The location of the Secret Door lies in the second area. Mario must use the Star to become invincible and head to the wall near the Poison Bloopers. By using the Paperize abiity, Mario can place the door, which leads to a secret room containing two ? Blocks with several stickers.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アスレチ湖
Essentially "Athletic Lake", the name is a pun on the Japanese pronunciation of the word "athletic" and "-ko", a suffix meaning "lake"
Spanish (NOA) Estanque del Lance Affair Pond
Spanish (NOE) Estanque Tropiezo Stumble Pond
French (NOA) Lac aux défis Lake of challenges
French (NOE) Mares aux défis Ponds with challenges
German Verschaukelpfad "Take for a ride" Path
Italian Ostacolago From ostacolo (obstacle) and lago (lake)
Chinese 勇敢者之湖 (Simplified)
山訓湖 (Traditional)
Shānxùn Hú