List of Paper Mario: Sticker Star glitches

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This is a list of glitches in the game Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.


Mario Theme Outside of Enigmansion

In The Enigmansion (World 4-3), occasionally the player can turn on the music after the original owner returns and the song stays on after being turned off. It plays regardless of where the player is. Saving and exiting the game stops the music.

No Album Sounds

By collecting a sticker and opening the album immediately after, the sound effects for the album cannot be heard, except for the ones that play when a page is flipped and after organizing stickers. This can be ended by returning to normal gameplay.

No Paperization Music

In Damp Oasis (World 2-4), if Mario Paperizes anywhere in the oasis area (except inside of the house) the usual Paperization music does not play. However, by selecting a sticker and moving to the bottom left corner of the picture, the music fades in. Also, the music that plays when Mario is near the red Toad in the water plays for a split second right when Mario begins and stops Paperization.


Battle Freeze

During the Mizzter Blizzard or Gooper Blooper battle, if the player uses a Bowling Ball, the game may freeze when they touch. Sometimes, if one uses any throw thing sticker (Billiard Ball, Curling Stone or Bowling Ball) on any enemy, the game also freezes.[1]

After about five seconds after the game freezes, the player is returned to the 3DS menu. This glitch may not work for all game cards. This glitch may also occur during other boss battles including the Bowser Snow Statue or Bowser.

Sound Test Glitch

In the Sound Exhibition Mode in the Sticker Museum, if Mario waits for the current music to stop and keep pressing the B Button button when the song cover turns, then he is able to freely move around when the song plays. If he then sits on the chair, then keeps pressing the A Button button, the quantity of music notes coming from the speakers starts to increase, and eventually the game freezes, returning the player to the HOME Menu. This is because there are more entities than the game can handle, and ends up using more than the amount of slots available.[2]


Midair Goomba

In World 4-2, Ice Flow, at the end of the stage, the player must have the Shiny Goomba standing on the frozen river chase him off the edge. The Goomba follows the player off the edge of the waterfall, and walks in midair. After losing Mario, it returns to where it once stood.[3]

Secret Door Glitch

In Yoshi Sphinx (World 2-2), if the player, without having paperized the Secret Door, goes to the top of the Yoshi Sphinx's front right claw and paperizes, the player can see the sticker panel for the door without being anywhere near it. Note that the door can actually be paperized and stuck on in this state.

Normal Walking Speed in Sticker Museum

Normally, inside the Sticker Museum, Mario's running speed is faster than normal to make traversing the huge rooms much easier. However, if he goes inside one of the special exhibition rooms then leaves, he walks in the lobby at his normal speed.


Falling Through Stage

This glitch can be done in four methods. It involves Mario falling through the stage and getting a Game Over.

First Method

In Bowser's Snow Fort, if the player jump a certain way towards the exit of the "busy" line (near the two Shy Guys who are harassing the Traveling Toad), they can potentially go past the edge of the stage and fall. Mario will get a Game Over.

Second Method

In Rugged Road, on the part where Mario must jump on platforms to avoid falling in the lava, if the player jumps exactly when the platforms sink into the lava, Mario falls into a hidden area under the level. The player can then go through the walls and explore, but if he goes too far, Mario falls for about 30 seconds and gets a Game Over.

Third Method

In Yoshi Sphinx, when the player gets to the top of the Sphinx, they can knock a wall down. The player must hit a Koopa Paratroopa and the wall at the same time, which triggers a battle with the Paratroopa. When the Paratroopa is defeated, the wall pushes Mario through the floor and he gets a Game Over.[4]

Fourth Method

This is the easiest Falling Through Stage Glitch to perform. In Damp Oasis, at the start of the level, Mario must walk towards the left. After seeing the first brown patch of grass on the ground, Mario must jump towards it. If done correctly, Mario should jump behind the scenery. Trying to walk to the left or the right causes the graphics to glitch out, and walking towards the middle of the stage causes the camera to warp around the stage, trying to catch on with Mario. If Mario walks left or right towards the normal entrance to the oasis then walks towards the screen, he falls off the ground and get a Game Over.[5]

Fruit Stays

In Strike Lake, there are several trees with fruit in them. The player can knock the fruit out and it falls to the ground, opening and releasing a coin. When the player battles a Ninji or a Snifit at the exact moment a fruit falls out of the tree, the fruit stays on the ground unopened when the Ninji or Snifit is defeated. The fruit has no collision detection, so Mario cannot collect whatever is in the fruit.

Hovering Mario

In Chomp Ruins (World 5-4), in the room before the Big Chain Chomp battle, there are spinning blades. If the player jumps on top of the blades near the edge, the blades spin and Mario floats away from the blades. After they have stopped spinning, Mario falls to the ground.[6]

Invisible Bush

In Strike Lake (World 3-4), right after the player finds one of Wiggler's body parts in the bush situated in the first area of the level, if the player goes to the next area and then comes back, the bush is still laying on the floor, but Mario collides with it as if it were not.

Loss of Collision

In Snow Rise (World 4-1), the last area involves Mario trying to dodge snowballs that also have Shiny Goombas riding them. If Mario manages to get a Shiny Goomba at the bottom, and then get rolled up into the next snowball, he crashes, falls off, and has to fight one of them. After defeating it, he immediately has to fight the other one. After fighting it, Mario cannot gain coins, stickers, use the Recovery or Save blocks, or collect the Comet Piece until he exits the area and comes back, because he passes through them.