Shy Guy Jungle

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Shy Guy Jungle
Mario jumping up some stairs towards the Spear Guys
Level code W5-1
World World 5
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
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Not to be confused with Shy Guy's Jungle Jam.

Shy Guy Jungle is the first level of World 5 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is a dense jungle filled with Spear Guys and carnivorous plants.


The level, like Snow Rise, starts out on a dock. The path leads to a tiny beach that disappears into the thick jungle. Once in, there is a red plant in the middle of the gap. Though they don't attack, touching its top will cause it to crumple Mario and toss him away, damaging him. Hammering the plant's stem will stun it temporarily, allowing Mario to safely pass. An invisible block around this area allows Mario to upgrade jump stickers that have been Paperized inside of it.

The next area contains a thick layer of grass that conceals enemies and a large stone wall. Behind an opening in the wall is a secret area with the Toy Bat.

Going even further right in the wall area will lead to some aggressive Spear Guys that hurl spears at Mario. They hide in collapsible bushes that can be knocked down by the hammer. The next area is a temple with three Spear Guys in front holding the crumpled parts for a bridge leading to the Comet Piece. They run off as Mario approaches.

One takes off to the foliage in front of the temple. After chasing it for a while and defeating many more Spear Guys, the Spear Guy with the scrap is cornered and must be battled to obtain the Bridge Piece. The next Spear Guy flees to a trash-covered area. By placing the Vacuum, Upright Vacuum, or Goat in the area via Paperize (or even just simply searching for it), it will eat/suck up all of the trash and reveal the helpless Spear Guy, which can be battled for the Bridge Piece.

To the right of the torn bridge is a Heart Block and Save Block. Right past there is another temple wall and carnivorous plant. Peeling off the Bowser Tape in the lower area will reveal a faster way to sneak past the plant after stunning it. However, going behind the plant will reveal a secret nook with an HP-Up Heart.

Past the plant is the far right corner of the jungle, with foliage covering most of the area. The last Spear Guy is found here. It must be chased up the slope and towards the carnivorous plant. The carnivorous plant will eat the Spear Guy and spit the scrap to the far ledge. Jumping below and onto a leveled platform lies a blue flower. Whacking the space in front of the blue flower will reveal a hidden block that can be used to cross the gap before the plant recovers and to obtain the last Bridge Piece.

The Bridge Piece scraps then can be placed and unlock a path to the Comet Piece that leads to Jungle Rapids.

Secret Door[edit]

The Secret Door is located on the far right of the ledge where the last Bridge Piece scrap is. It contains the Tailor Shears.

Sticker upgrade spots[edit]

To the left of the trash area are four stumps with a spot above each one.

Area Tattle[edit]

Main Areas[edit]

  • Jungles are really hot and humid. Fun fact: that's not good for paper.

Trash Area[edit]

  • Who thought they could just dump rubbish here? Wasting paper drives me crazy!



Trash scraps[edit]

In the trash area, there are 45 different papers Mario can dig up. These appear randomly and not in a set order. Some papers connect to events elsewhere in the game.

Note Description
18/40 correct
Please see me in my office.
Grand Reopening!
Bring this flyer for 55% off!
A serial code. Its meaning and purpose are unknown.
★Sticker Fest★
- A Falling-Star Night's Dream -
Decal Arena [F7] Standing Room Only
Sponsor: Mushroom Business Assoc.
A play at the Sticker Fest. The title is a reference to A Midsummer Night's Dream, a play by William Shakespeare.
Mushrooms ... 3 
Leaves ... 2
Sugar ... 2 tablespoons
A recipe card.
Surfshine Ship Boarding Pass
2nd Class, Cabin 3-B
*This ticket cannot be refunded.
Refers to a boat at Surfshine Harbor.
Mushroom Business Association
Representative Director
			                 T O A D
Addresses for offices at the unseen Mushroom Business Association.
Mushroom Business Association
Block Enterprise Group, POW Chapter
Vice President		
                                         T O A D
Mushroom Business Association
Warp Pipe Development Unit
Material Department Vice President 
                                         T O A D
Mushroom Business Association
General Affairs Division 
Soda Branch Section Chief
    		                         T O A D
Heart of a woman... Heart of a man...
Both shaken by love's grace...
                     - 1/2 -
Extended lyrics for "Swinging Swing".
So tie a pink ribbon, dance all about...
Just try not to get egg on your face.
	             - 2/2 -
To Goomba:
I solved that riddle of yours!
It's 423. Maybe. I'm pretty sure.
                             From Goomba
Refers to the 4-digit code at Hither Thither Hill.
Shell Shock 1:
Lately Shell Shock 3 seems a bit down. 
Maybe he's got some troubles. Over.
                                    Shell Shock 2
Refers to the group of Koopa Paratroopas that Mario battles in Yoshi Sphinx.
DRY   000 010 010	2
POK   002 002 40x	8
Pokey Team wins!
A sports team listing, presumably for Drybake Stadium.
Goomba Koopa Paratroopa
Apoortarap Apook Abmoog
A palindrome using the names of enemies.
Music School of Musical Things 
[Student Enrollment]
- Trumpet course  - Violin course
- Electric-guitar course
Refers to the Trumpet, Violin, and Guitar Things.
On sale now!
Refreshing mushroom soda in a can!
NEW mushroom flavor! SAME great price!
Refers to the Soda Thing, which has a mushroom design on the label.
Preservation Instructions
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight,
high temperatures, and humidity for
maximum freshness.
Preservation instructions for an unknown item.
* Now Hiring Manservant *
Light mansion cleaning, tea making,
laundry, bookcase tidying.
-2 coins an hour-
Refers to the steward at the Enigmansion.
Shoulder Massage (30 min.)
Thank you for your letter. 
Sorry I'm not here to receive it, but I
will get back to you shortly. Thanks.
A letter from Parakarry, a character from Paper Mario.
"Observations on the Ancient 
Civilization of the Chomp Ruins" 
University of Goom
A letter from Goombella, a character from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
On the other side of the giant stone
door, there's a giant Yoshi! Yes!
It actually exists!
The fanfare that begins the letter references The Legend of Zelda. The content of the letter references Yoshi Sphinx.
Not a winner.
Sticker artwork: 30 coins
Sticker printing: 80 coins
MON: Vacation           TUE: Open 
WED: Vacation            THU: Vacation
FRI: Mushroom Day       SAT: Vacation 
SUN: Vacation
House for Sale by Owner
Move-in-ready mountain-view home.
30,000 sq. ft. Build date unknown.
2.4 million coins *O.B.O.
Possibly in reference to the Enigmansion. "O.B.O." stands for "or best offer".
This is garbage. Please dispose of it.
Nothing's written on here.

Calling all willing Toads. Join up!
Now recruiting to rebuild the grounds
to reopen the Sticker Fest! C'mon!
Join your fellow Toad!
Refers to Decalburg being rolled up at the start of the game.
Joy Letter
Forward this letter to ten other people
and you will find joy. We're pretty sure.
A chain letter.
1. (shout) "Comet! Comet! Comet!"
(both hands in the air, turn on one leg)
(leap, then ground-pound like a comet)
Instructions for the Comet Dance, which is performed on the Sticker Fest grounds after collecting enough Royal Stickers.
2. (whisper) "From the niiiiiiiight skyyy!"
(wave both hands, crouch, triple Lutz)
(pause, triple waggle, double thumbs-up)
3. (scream) "Grant my wiiiiiiiiiiiish!"
(backflip, shimmy, back to step 1)
Sticker Horoscope
To the mighty Shiny Iron Jump...
Pay the spikes in life no mind.
But be not negligent.
A Sticker Horoscope listing.
Sticker Horoscope
To the stoic Shiny Shell...
Do not retreat into your shell.
Sticker Horoscope
To the fancy Flashy Sandal...
Now is your chance to change.
Mental Note
-Now Recruiting TV Quiz Show Audience-
Want to hurl jeers from a comfy seat?
Are you into Snifit-related activities? 
Meet at the Stump Glade stump.
Refers to Snifit or Whiffit at Stump Glade.
Paper wad made from 100% paper.
Dream Mushroom Lottery
75th Drawing
Gimme back my coins!
Odd Green Guy Spotted at
Goomba Fortress?!
A headline for the newspaper in Decalburg, which reports on Luigi.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘイホージャングル
Heihō Janguru
Shy Guy Jungle

Chinese (simplified) 嘿虎丛林
Hēihǔ Cónglín
Shy Guy Jungle

Chinese (traditional) 嘿呵叢林
Hēihē Cónglín
Shy Guy Jungle

French (NOA) Jungle de Maskache
Shy Guy Jungle
French (NOE) Jungle Maskass
Shy Guy Jungle
German Shy Guy-Dschungel
Shy Guy Jungle
Italian Giungla Timida
Shy Jungle
Spanish Jungla de Shy Guy
Shy Guy Jungle