Wiggler's Tree House

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Wiggler's Tree House
Wiggler's Tree House
Wiggler's Tree House entrance
Level code 3-3
World World 3
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
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Wiggler's Tree House is the third level of World 3 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is a large tree that doubles as a house for Wiggler and serves as the level with the most required visits in the entire game.


The house is first mentioned by Wiggler before he disappears at Leaflitter Path.

Mario and Kersti first come here looking for Wiggler, only to find he has been stripped of his segments by Kamek. This enrages Kersti, and Wiggler asks them to retrieve the segments.

Each time a segment is caught, it must be returned to Wiggler, as it cannot be taken anywhere beyond World 3. When the final segment is returned, Wiggler attempts to come back together, but fails. Kersti then suggests using Paperize to put the segments back together, and it works. Wiggler then storms off to Whitecap Beach.

The tree house must be returned to after revealing Bowser's Sky Castle. Once at the treetop, it is revealed Wiggler has transformed into Flutter. Wiggler will then take Mario & Kersti to Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla.


The tree base is, at first, shrouded by a thick fog caused by the forest pollution. To the right is a Heart Block. Entering inside will put Mario in a room with a lot of shoes on stands, along with an unreachable High Heel.

The next floor has a fireplace which can be hammered at to reveal a passage that drops down to get the High Heel thing. This floor is also the floor where Wiggler is after the forest is cleansed.

The next floor contains a bed & Wiggler's diary. On the shelf to the right is the Boom Box thing, and outside on this floor's balcony there is a lift that is stuck to the deck by Bowser Tape. Pulling it off will make it usable.

The final floor is the Treetop, where Wiggler usually resides, along with three Comet Pieces.

Area Tattle[edit]


  • That's a pretty big tree. You really want to hike up that? Isn't there a lift or something we can use instead?

Inside the Tree House[edit]

  • This definitely feels like a boy's room. Though it's pretty clean, considering!

Treetop Roof[edit]

  • Living in a tree... Yeah, that seems like Wiggler all over.


  • First, let's find the first segment of Wiggler's body.
  • Where could the second segment of Wiggler's body be?
  • We've got to catch the third segment of Wiggler's body.
  • Let's find the fourth segment of Wiggler's body. That's the last one! Let's do it!
  • Wiggler said he was waiting at Whitecap Beach, didn't he?

Secret Door[edit]

The Secret Door is located on the second floor to the right of the fireplace. It contains an HP-Up Heart.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハナチャンちのデカツリー
Hanachan-chi no Deka Tsurī
Wiggler's Huge Tree

Chinese (simplified) 花之子的巨型树屋
Huāzhīzǐ de Jùxíng Shùwū
Wiggler's Giant Tree House

Chinese (traditional) 花毛毛的大樹屋
Huāmáomao de Dà Shùwū
Wiggler's Big Tree House

French (NOA) La maison de Wiggler
Wiggler's House
French (NOE) Maison de Wiggler
Wiggler's House
German Wigglers Wohnbaum
Wiggler's Living-tree
Italian Casa di Torcibruco
Wiggler's House
Spanish Residencia de Floruga
Wiggler's Residence


  • If the player tries to collect a comet piece on the stumps without returning the Wiggler segment, Kersti will force the player to go back and catch the segment before getting the comet piece.