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This article is about Mario's inventory in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. For a list of officially released albums and soundtracks related to the Mario franchise, see List of albums.
“Not bad, huh? Any sticker you find, just pop it in the album.”
Kersti, Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Artwork of the album

The album is the player's source of inventory in the game Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Its primary function is holding all the stickers Mario collects throughout the game.

Mario obtains the album from Kersti. When the player first collects a sticker, Kersti, noting the find and stating that Mario cannot "jam something as important as a sticker in [his] pocket," gives him the album to hold any stickers he finds. It is placed on the bottom screen, and can be accessed any time outside of battle by either tapping the bottom screen or pressing X Button.

There are four individual sections to the album total:

  • Status: Shows general information such as play time, current HP, location, coins, Comet Pieces collected, and Royal Stickers collected. Pressing R Button lets the player see the controls, and pressing L Button takes the player to the cover of the album, where they can see all the Royal Stickers they have collected.
  • Stickers: Shows all the stickers the player currently possesses, and any others that they collect along the way. This portion of the album has two pages by default, but as the game progresses the number of pages eventually reaches eight. Each page can hold fifteen normally sized stickers at a time, allowing for a maximum of 120 in the entire album. While outside of battle, the player can press Start Button while the bottom screen is active to automatically organize all the stickers they have collected.
  • Scraps: Holds all the scraps the player finds or removes from the environment. By default, the Scraps section can hold up to nine pages' worth of scraps at a time.
  • Things: Holds all the Things the player collects. The player has no limit to the number of Things they can carry in the album at a time (though, since there are 64 Things total, the player cannot collect multiple individual Things, and only five Things can fit on one page the player can hold a maximum of thirteen pages of Things). When Things are converted to Stickers, they are moved to the Sticker section of the album.

Scaredy Rats can take Mario's stickers, Bowser can burn Mario's stickers and Kamek can turn Mario's stickers into Sandal stickers.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Album
German Album
Italian Album