World 3 (Paper Mario: Sticker Star)

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World 3
World 3
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Level(s) 12
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“This is how the forest SHOULD be: quiet, green, and fragrant.”
Kersti, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

World 3 is the third world Mario explores in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, located west of Decalburg. It is the biggest world in the game, with a total of 12 levels, which are located in a forest. After the Sticker Comet breaks, the third Royal Sticker ends up on top of Gooper Blooper, the world's boss. He starts to create poison, which floods the forest and affects its inhabitants, such as coating the bushes that Wiggler eats. Wiggler is split into segments by Kamek because of Wiggler's ability to cross poisoned areas without being hurt. The goal in this world is not only to obtain the Royal Sticker, but also to find Wiggler's segments and restore Wiggler's body.

Enemies like Clip Guys, Paint Guys, Ninjis, Poison Bloopers, and Scuttlebugs are only found and fought here, while Shy Guys, Snifits and Piranha Plants are first encountered here. The forest's sticker shop, located in Outlook Point, is also where Secret Door stickers can be purchased. Gooper Blooper is fought near a rocky shore beyond the remains of a fishing boat that it destroyed. After Gooper Blooper is defeated, the poison and the darkness which accompanies it are purged from the forest, and any Poison Bloopers are replaced by Snifits or Shy Guys.



  • While battling in poisonous water, Mario takes damage at regular intervals if he waits too long, but does not get poisoned. Enemies who are not immune to poison, such as Ninjis, also take damage during the same intervals. This means that World 3 is the only World where Mario can win a battle without ever taking a turn or without Battle Spinner effects such as lightning.