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"Friend of many a cold households. This warms you right up!"
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
“While most Toad breakfast scientists agree that this gargantuan machine is a toaster, none have had success with the bread-insertion procedure.”
Sticker Museum plaque, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The Radiator is a Thing in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Mario must earn it by clearing the Snifit or Whiffit bonus round. Doing so takes Mario to a sweltering room with a present box in the center. Mario must pull off the wrapper to the reveal the radiator, which he is then able to put into his inventory. It remains in Mario's Album until it is turned into a Sticker at a Sling-a-Thing station. Once it has been used as a sticker, it returns to its original position. If Mario clears the bonus round and already has the radiator in his inventory, he receives a load of Coins instead. The radiator can also be purchased from the Shady Toad for 250 coins.

The radiator is necessary in Snow Rise, as it is used to melt the snow slope halfway through the level. Doing so stops the Cooligans and reveals the Secret Door outline. If Mario wants to get the radiator again as the bonus prize, he does not have to clear the first three rounds of Snifit or Whiffit, but is required to complete the bonus round.

As a sticker, the radiator takes up only one square in Mario's album. It can be used in any battle for a high amount of damage. If and when it is used, the radiator rolls into the battlefield. As it starts to emit heat waves, the player can repeatedly tap A Button to increase the damage dealt. As such, the radiator, along with the other heat-related Things, is noticeably effective in the battle with Bowser Snow Statue.

The radiator can also be placed into the Sticker Museum as #35, alongside the other heat-related Things. Its museum description erroneously identifies it as a large toaster through unsuccessful testing.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オイルヒーター
Oiru Hītā
Oil heater

Chinese (simplified) 油汀取暖器
Yóutīng Qǔnuǎnqì
Oil heater

German Heizung