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This article is about the Thing in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. For the object in Super Mario 3D World, see Searchlight (Super Mario 3D World).
"It's so bright! Oh, so very bright!"
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
“Our most learned academics remain stumped as to why anyone would install blinds on such a massive light source. It kind of defeats the purpose.”
Sticker Museum plaque, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The Searchlight is a Thing in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is found behind the Secret Door in Leaflitter Path. It remains in Mario's Album until it is turned into a Sticker at a Sling-a-Thing station. Once it has been used as a sticker, it returns to its original position. It can also be purchased from the Shady Toad for 200 Coins.

The Searchlight is a large sticker, taking up four squares in Mario's album. If and when it is used in battle, three searchlights appear along the battlefield, each directing a large, bright beam toward the enemies. One smaller beam directs toward Mario, showing off his finish pose. In the end, the enemies take minor damage and may develop the Dizzy status effect.

The Searchlight may also be placed into the Sticker Museum as #25, alongside the other light-based Things. It is described as the largest, most powerful, and brightest of the three light-related Things, although the shades in front of him appear to defeat the purpose.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サーチライト