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Artwork of Kersti from Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Species Sticker Fairy
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (trophy cameo) (2014)
“As their caretaker, it's my duty to find all of them, or else I can't return to the Sticker Star!”
Kersti, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Kersti is a sticker fairy who appears in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. She is Mario's primary partner throughout the game, and grants him the ability to use the Battle Spin and paperization. Kersti's name is "sticker" with its syllables switched and with the "c" removed.


Paper Mario series[edit]

Paper Mario: Sticker Star[edit]

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Screenshot of Mario meeting Kersti, from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
Kersti explaining to Mario that she comes from the faraway Sticker Star.

According to her introduction, Kersti came from the Sticker Star on the night of the Sticker Fest, as part of the process of granting everybody's wishes. Kersti first meets Mario at the site of the Sticker Fest, stuck to a sign after Bowser destroys the Sticker Comet and steals one of the Royal Stickers for himself. After Mario peels her off, Kersti goes off on him, believing it was he who destroyed the Sticker Comet, but after Mario offers to help search for the Royal Stickers, she forgives him, and they set off to find the six Royal Stickers.

At the end of their adventure, Kersti sacrifices herself in the final battle with Bowser, allowing Mario to use her as a sticker to increase his power and overcome the power granted to Bowser by the last Royal Sticker. However, after the battle, Mario brings Kersti back to life by wishing on the Royal Stickers. Having returned to the site of the rebuilt Sticker Fest, she gets angry at Bowser for trying to steal the Sticker Comet again. She then jokes about changing her career, and Mario, Peach, and Bowser laugh.

Paper Mario: The Origami King[edit]

Although Kersti does not appear in Paper Mario: The Origami King, she is mentioned in one of the easy statements in the Trial of Wisdom: "The name of the origami companion traveling with Mario is Kersti."

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

Kersti appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS as a trophy.

General information[edit]


Kersti is a friendly and generous sticker, often referring to herself as a delicate and refined lady. She treats stickers with respect and gives Mario an album to put his stickers in. As stated in the prologue and Rustle Burrow, Kersti comes from the Sticker Star, and cannot return unless she finds the Royal Stickers.

Kersti is shown to have a severe hatred of Kamek, being annoyed whenever he appears. She is easily angered and tends to make hasty judgments, initially confusing Mario for Bowser and then accusing him of lying. In Rustle Burrow, Kersti is stuck in a spider web, shouting for Mario's help. When he rescues her, she yells at him while unaware that Mario had lost his album, but quickly apologizes.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Kersti has the ability to "paperize" stickers by pressing Y Button, turning the stickers into objects that can be placed into designated locations. She also has the ability to create a tool used during any battle she is present in called the Battle Spinner; this is a slots-type minigame where Mario must match up two or more images in order to use more stickers per turn, and if Mario gets three of the same image, a special effect will occur.

Like Goombario, Goombella, and Tippi before her, she can perform tattles (by pressing L Button). However, she usually only provides insight on what the player should do next (and sometimes descriptions of places), as she cannot tattle enemies. Due to the nature of the tattle, only one particular one is usually available at any one time during the game, and changes as the player continues through the game. Thus, in certain scenarios when Mario is separated from Kersti, he cannot use these abilities. Kersti is able to read and translate Ancient Stickerish texts, as shown in the Enigmansion. The player also cannot save the game or return to the World Map while separated from Kersti. In the final battle with Bowser, Kersti sticks herself into Mario's album, and when used by Mario, creates a special battle spinner that always wins by landing on her image, restores 20 of his HP and allows him to use 5 stickers every turn for the rest of the battle. Mario also becomes shiny, allowing him to do normal damage to Bowser despite his Royal Sticker.


Paper Mario: Sticker Star[edit]

  • Sticker description: "Sacrifices herself to give Mario all her power, leaving everything to him."
  • North American website bio: "As the feisty and tough-talking ambassador to the Royal Stickers, Kersti tags along with Mario to help him recover her divine brethren."
    • "SHE ONCE SAID: "UGH! That snide, little, broom riding, thick-ugly-glasses-wearing hipster!""

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Trophy[edit]

Name Image NTSC-U Description PAL Description
Paper Kersti KerstiTrophy3DS.png A sticker fairy who went to the Mushroom Kingdom on the Sticker Comet, she is very strong willed. Though she appears paper thin, her heart runs deep, and she shows herself to be a loyal companion on Mario's quest to help the Mushroom Kingdom by recovering the Royal Stickers. Kersti came from the Sticker Star to help grant everyone's wishes. Mario got the sharp end of her tongue to begin with, but she quickly proves herself to be an indispensable ally on their quest to find the Royal Stickers. She may be made of paper, but she clearly has a heart of gold.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ルーシー
Pun on the female name "Lucy" and anagram of「シール」(shīru, seal)
Chinese (Simplified) 智贴贴
Zhì Tiētiē
From「智慧」(zhìhuì, wisdom) and "paper sticker"
Chinese (Traditional) 紙貼貼
Zhǐ Tiētiē
Literally means "paper sticker"
French Collette Portmanteau of "coller" (to stick) and the diminutive feminine suffix "-ette"; also a pun on "Colette" (French female first name)
German Kersti
Italian Corinne A female name derived from "corona" (crown)
Korean 커스티
From the English name
Spanish Tina Pun on the female name "Tina" and clipping of "pegatina" (sticker)


  • With powerful stickers, it is possible to defeat Bowser entirely without ever using Kersti. She will remain in the album after the battle and can be tossed like any other sticker.
    • Through hacking, it is possible to use her outside the final battle; she will activate a regular battle spin after her lines of dialogue when used. However, the game will softlock as a white screen appears on top. Additionally, she sells for 15 coins.[1]
  • Kersti slightly resembles Rosalina's crown as both are silver and have turquoise gems on both sides.