Maraca Guy

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Sticker Star enemy
Maraca Guy
A Maraca Guy from Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Location(s) Yoshi Sphinx
Role Common
Max HP 15
Attack 4
Defense 0
Moves Sombrero Throw (4), Run (flees battle)
Stickers N/A

Maraca Guys (known as Maracas Guys in PAL regions) are a type of Shy Guy that appears in the game Paper Mario: Sticker Star. A single Maraca Guy is only found in the Yoshi Sphinx level and is accompanied by a Sombrero Guy and an Accordion Guy. Maraca Guys can play their namesake instrument to eliminate status conditions. For example, if one of their allies is crumpled, Maraca Guys can restore them to normal. They can also throw their sombrero at Mario to inflict damage. It can, however, run away if it is battled alone.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マラカスヘイホー
Marakasu Heihō
Maracas Shy Guy

Chinese (simplified) 沙球嘿虎
Shāqiú Hēihǔ
Maracas Shy Guy

Chinese (traditional) 沙鈴嘿呵
Shālíng Hēihe
Maracas Shy Guy

French Mass'racass
Pun on "maskass" (Shy Guy) and "maracas"
German Maraca Guy
Italian Tipo Maraca
Maraca Guy
Korean 마라카스헤이호


Spanish (NOA) Guy maraquero
Maraca Player Guy
Spanish (NOE) Maracaguy
Maraca Guy