The Enigmansion

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The Enigmansion

Mario arriving at the Enigmansion.

World-Level W4-3
World World 4
Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Boss Big Boo
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The Enigmansion is World 4-3 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Here, Mario helps the steward of the mansion who is outside in a snowstorm. The steward tells Mario about something haunting the mansion and gives Mario the Book of Sealing to capture the ghosts with. The mansion's name is a portmanteau of "enigma" and "mansion".


Mario exploring the Mansion.

In this area, the mansion steward asks Mario to capture a group of Boos by returning them to the Book of Sealing. When he enters the mansion, the Boos scatter around the mansion. Mario explores the mansion and captures all the Boos. After he finishes, he returns the Book of Sealing to the basement, but Kamek, who reveals to have released the Boos from the Book of Sealing to begin with, releases the Boos again. The Boos form a Big Boo and Mario is forced to do battle with it to return the Boos to the Book of Sealing.

Afterwards, the Enigmansion steward asks Mario to come to the left room of the mansion. Once Mario arrives, the steward gives Mario a portrait of the Forebear that the steward inherited the mansion from. Mario then has to paperize to get the portrait scrap to progress to Whiteout Valley. The Comet Piece is outside once the Big Boo is defeated. The Things found in this level are an oven, a refrigerator, a stapler, a watering can, and a cake. There is a secret door that leads to the left side of Decalburg, near the shop where the Toad sells things. Once the portrait is taken to Whiteout Valley, the forebear in the portrait comes alive and lets Mario go up a ski-lift.

If Mario decides to revisit the Enigmansion after releasing the forebear from the portrait, the forebear is shown to have regained ownership of the mansion and has made the previous steward his servant. The forebear asks Mario to lounge with him while he drinks tea and remarks on how he rarely receives any visitors anymore. Afterwards, the steward comes in with a tray of tea and gives Mario a HP-Up Heart.

Boo locations[edit]

There are 100 Boos to be found in the mansion:

Boo # Location
1 Inside the safe.
3 Making objects float.
82 Stacked in a cupboard (similar to the way the Toads were stacked in Decalburg).
1 In the Steward's Portrait.
1 Behind the Steward after hitting the fire outside.
1 Outside where the sticker comet should be. (Mario has to knock a window out in order to get there).
1 Inside a Trashcan.
1 Inside the Refrigerator.
1 Behind the Staircase.
1 Inside a Clock.
1 In the Garden.
5 Having a disco party in the room to the right above the kitchen.
1 Being bullied by two Scaredy Rats.

Area tattles[edit]

  • Outside: "What a fantastic mansion! And in such a remote spot in the mountains!"
  • Lobby: "What a huge lobby. Maybe this is some celebrity's house."
  • "Mario, you aren't just a little afraid, are you?"
  • Outside (area with Comet Piece): "Yeah, it's snowing outside, per usual. Get inside quick. It's too cold!"
  • Basement: "Ugh, it really smells moldy or something. And if paper gets moldy, it's all over."

Secret Door[edit]

The Secret Door is at the top of the rear staircase. It provides a shortcut back to Decalburg, at the Sling-a-Thing location and the Things seller.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミステリーマンション
Misuterī Manshon
Mystery Mansion
Spanish (NOA) La mansión enigma The enigma mansion
Spanish (NOE) La Enigmansión The Enigmansion
French Énigmanoir Enigmanor
German Villa Mysteria Pseudo-italien for "Mystery Mansion"
Italian Maniero Mistero Mystery Manor
Chinese 神秘公馆 (Simplified)
神秘宅邸 (Traditional)
Shénmì Zháidǐ
Mystery Mansion


  • In the Prima Games Guide, it claims exiting the mansion via the Secret Door shortcut will cause stickers collected in the mansion to change into others. However, this is untrue. It simply makes them reappear.
  • After clearing the mansion of Boos, all stickers found in the Mansion disappear, along with most enemies. In addition, the music changes. There are still one or two Scaredy Rats, however.
  • When talking to the steward while he camps out, an eerie remix of the Ghost House theme from Super Mario World starts to play and abruptly ends when the dialogue is finished.
  • A slower, more eerie cover of "Waltz of the Boos" plays as part of the background music, a song originating from Super Mario Galaxy. It also plays a quicker, more mischievous version once all the Boos are encountered in the dining room.
  • A recording of the theme that plays when the Goat sticker is obtained for the first time in Snow Rise can be found in the living room of the mansion. Both the steward and the forebear have conflicting opinions regarding the music. The steward loves it, while the forebear is iffy about it.
  • This is possibly a reference to Luigi's Mansion, since Mario needs to capture Boos similar to how Luigi has to catch ghosts.
  • This level can be seen as a dark version of the prologue in Decalburg since the player has to capture 100 hidden Boos similarly to rescuing 100 trapped Toads, and the doors on the second floor of the mansion correspond exactly to the doors on the houses in Decalburg. Some set-pieces, such as a stack of Boos/Toads in a cupboard, a Hidden Block with coins above that cupboard, and a crumpled Toad/Boo in a wastebasket, are repeated.