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Not to be confused with Kanchō Kinopio.
Sticker Museum curator
A green Toad from Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
“Yep, I invested my vast fortune and worked underground like a crazed mole to build this place all by my own self!”
Sticker Museum curator, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

The Sticker Museum curator is a green Toad in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. He singlehandedly built the Sticker Museum underground beneath Decalburg, and gives Mario the task of collecting stickers to put on display.


Following the destruction of the Sticker Fest and Decalburg being rolled up, the curator leads the rest of the Toads in unrolling the town (described by him as the "de-burrito procedure"). He adjures Mario to help round up enough Toads to push the roll. The group is successful, and Decalburg is restored. However, because the curator was standing on top of the roll as the Toads unrolled it, he lost balance and fell underneath the surface, becoming trapped under the fountain. Later, the Toad standing next to the fountain claims to hear a voice calling for help, but dismisses the notion quickly. The Sticker Museum curator can be rescued by Paperizing the fountain, allowing him to jump out.

After being rescued by Mario and Kersti, the curator invites them inside his Sticker Museum, which is empty at first. He explains that he built the entire museum alone, emphasizing the importance of preserving the world's stickers "for posterity". Knowing Mario's affinity for stickers, he suggests that Mario should collect every type of sticker in existence for the museum. When every Battle sticker is added to the museum, the curator congratulates Mario and creates a gallery of enemy attacks in celebration. When every Thing sticker is added to the museum, he creates a gallery for the game's music.

Upon finishing the entire museum, Mario and Kersti will be congratulated once again by the curator, celebrating by promoting the two to "Honorary Curator", and "Vice Curator" respectively, though these titles have no effect on the rest of the game.


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  • "Aw, wouldja lookit this? What a pickle! Plaza's all rolled up like a burrito. Can't get out of town 'cause of this fine how-do-you-do, no, sir. I ain't gonna lie to you--this looks bad. But maybe if we get all the Toads in town to help, we can de-burrito it. Mario, the town Toads are probably all over the place after that Sticker Fest carnage, so track 'em all down and see if they can help!"
  • "Mario. Thanks for saving me back there. I ain't gonna lie--I was in a pickle. When the town was all burritoed up, I guess I got a little too stoked about getting it back to normal... Time came for the de-burrito procedure, and before I could say "boy howdy," I was smooshed into some kinda netherworld under that fountain. So, I gotta thank you for saving me... C'mon this-a-way."
  • "YESSS! Aw, thanks a million! Let's do this sticker museum up nice! Just DANDY that you're helping out!"
  • "Let's get this sticker museum done up right, whatcha say?!"
  • "Honorary Curator Mario and Vice Curator Kersti! You're looking good. Don't you worry about a thing. I'll be right here, taking care of visitors every dang day!"


  • When the curator is stuck under the fountain, he can be seen shouting Help amidst of the happy shouts of the other Toads in the cutscene after the Plaza gets restored. Other Toads hear it afterwards, but only consider it a rumor or a mirage.
  • The curator has a more arrogant personality in the Quebec version, as the region's translation for Paper Mario: Sticker Star is set to Joual, a rubbish French.
    • The curator references the plaza as a festive log, a traditional Canadian Christmas dessert, instead of a burrito.
    • The curator calls Bowser a "taouin", the Joual expression for "idiot".
    • The curator acts colder to the Toads when they pull the Plaza's roll, believing himself to be the chief.