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“Might as well be a dog, the way King Windbag treats us...”
Servant, "Life's Ruff"
King Windbag's servant in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
King Windbag's servant, having been frightened by King Windbag

The servant is the ragged clothes-wearing mushroom retainer of King Windbag, who performs many duties at the king's castle.

In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Life's Ruff", Luigi travels to King Windbag's castle under the request of Princess Toadstool, to serve as a counselor to the King. When Luigi arrives, he witnesses King Windbag bullying his servant around, ordering him to serve him duck when he is presented with turkey.

Afraid that his floors were too dirty for Luigi's company, King Windbag orders his servant to mop the floor, even though it is not dirty in the first place. Afraid of the wrath of King Windbag, the servant rushes to work, while King Windbag insults him in front of Luigi. After Luigi refers to King Windbag as a bully, King Windbag dismisses his comment, and uses his wand to scare his servant into bringing him his duck.

As the servant walked off, he overhears King Windbag commenting that a dog would make a better servant. The servant then comments to himself that he might as well be a dog with the way King Windbag treats him. Hip and Hop Koopa, who had followed Luigi to the castle, hear the servant, and get an idea; turning King Windbag and Luigi into dogs.

Hip and Hop trip the servant, and use his hat and covered plate as disguises to sneak up to King Windbag. The twins succeed in stealing King Windbag's wand, using it to transform him and Luigi into dogs.

After a lengthy adventure to get the wand back, King Windbag returns home a kinder king, and demonstrates his newfound kindness by treating his servant to a meal, much to the servant's surprise. He is voiced by John Stocker.


  • Despite being voiced by John Stocker, in the beginning of the episode where King Windbag demands him for his duck, he has Toad's voice when he runs out of the room screaming.