Florida State Poochitentiary

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Florida State Poochitentiary.

Florida State Poochitentiary is a dog pound located in Florida, either in or near the city of Miami.

In The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Life's Ruff", Luigi and King Windbag, who had been turned into dogs by Hip and Hop Koopa, were eventually captured by Herman the dog catcher at a hotel in Miami.

Herman brought Luigi and King Windbag to Florida State Poochitentiary, where he placed the two of them in a dingy kennel with several stray dogs. King Windbag hated the atmosphere, and treated the other dogs very rudely. However, Luigi was able to cooperate with the other dogs, and with King Windbag's help, the dogs were able to form a pyramid, which Luigi used to escape through a vent at the top of the room.

In his quest to free the other dogs, Luigi accidentally woke up Herman, who was sleeping in his office, where he unintentionally hit the control panel, and freed all the dogs. After Luigi got away from Herman, he and Luigi left the Poochitentiary, and drove off in Herman's truck.