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Philadelphia in the PC release of Mario's Time Machine
Philadelphia circa 1776 in the PC release of Mario's Time Machine
First appearance Mario's Time Machine (1993)
Greater location Pennsylvania, United States of America
Inhabitants Humans (including Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Deborah Read)

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, United States of America that, in 1776, became the location of the Declaration of Independence's signing, proclaiming the secession of thirteen British colonies from Great Britain to become a united country. The document was drafted by the Committee of Five, which includes Benjamin Franklin, who was also publishing his Newspaper out of Philadelphia, and Thomas Jefferson. However, in Mario's Time Machine, Bowser travels back in time and steals the document from the city before it can be signed, prompting Mario to travel back to the city and return it. As Mario is unaware that the document in his possession is America's Declaration of Independence, he asks the locals about the time period and the document, which eventually points him to Independence Hall. There, Mario can deliver the Declaration to Thomas Jefferson, and the signing begins; Mario then travels forward in time and leaves Philadelphia. Mario also travels back in time to Philadelphia circa 1752 to return a Key to Benjamin Franklin (again after Bowser steals it). While there, he talks to Franklin's wife, Deborah Read, a librarian, and a constable to confirm the identity of the key's owner, and eventually visits him in his backyard, returns the Key, and time travels back to the present.



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