Flag (India)

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SNES (left) and PC (right)

First appearance

Mario's Time Machine (1993)

The Flag is an item in all three releases of Mario's Time Machine. It is the modern flag used in India to this day, and was adopted in conjunction with India gaining its independence in 1947. However, before it was able to be properly flown in Calcutta by Mahatma Gandhi, Bowser travels back in time to steal it for his museum. Mario then steals the Flag from the museum and travels back in time himself so that he can return it to Gandhi. If the flag is shown to the other inhabitants of Calcutta, they recognize its importance and say that it needs to be flown immediately (if the British judge sees it, he gets mad and complains about wanting to see the Saint George's Cross). After Mario confirms its importance, he brings it to Gandhi, who is at a public event next to a flagpole, waiting to mount the flag. Gandhi promptly lets the flag fly, and thanks Mario for helping start a new era for the people of India.