Conversations on Chemistry

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Conversations on Chemistry
Conversations on Chemistry in the PC release of Mario's Time Machine
First appearance Mario's Time Machine (1993)

Conversations on Chemistry, also simply called the Book, is an item in the PC release of Mario's Time Machine. It was written by Jane Marcet and was first published in 1805, summarizing and explaining the lectures of Humphry Davy. Mario receives a copy of it from Sarah Barnard after traveling back in time to London circa 1831. While Sarah talks about the accomplishments of her husband, Michael Faraday, she also brings up his mentor, Humphry Davy, and subsequently gives her copy of Conversations on Chemistry to Mario. Mario then gives it to a youth attending Michael Faraday's Christmas Lectures, who mentions to Mario that he has lost his own copy of the book. After receiving it, the youth thanks Mario and goes on to talk about how Faraday's life was changed after reading this same book.