Print Block

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Print Block
Print Block in the SNES release of Mario's Time Machine Print Block in the PC release of Mario's Time Machine
SNES (left) and PC (right)
First appearance Mario's Time Machine (1993)

The Print Block, also known as the Wood Block, is an item in the SNES and PC releases of Mario's Time Machine. It is a seal used in woodblock printing, a form of stamping and sealing that has its origins in Asia. This particular block belongs to Marco Polo, and has a glyph on it that translates to "Polo". It was given to him while he was serving under Kublai Khan in Cambuluc. However, as he leaves the area to return to Italy, his Print Block is stolen by Bowser after he travels back in time and steals it from him. Mario then steals it back from Bowser's Museum and travels back in time to the Gobi Desert in an attempt to return it. Without knowing who it belongs to, he shows the Print Block to various residents of Cambuluc, including Kublai Khan, until they eventually confirm that it belongs to Marco. Mario then goes to the Gobi Desert to return it, and tells Marco that he has forgotten his Print Block. Marco thanks Mario for returning his Print Block, remarking that he had forgotten it, and he is now ready to make the trip home.