Berlin Wall

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Berlin Wall
A view of Berlin Byways
The Berlin Wall in Mario Kart Tour
First appearance Mario's Time Machine (1993)
Latest appearance Mario Kart Tour (Metropolitan Tour, 2022)
Greater location East Berlin, East Germany
Inhabitants Humans

The Berlin Wall was a concrete barrier that physically divided West Berlin and East Berlin from each other. It was constructed in 1961 in the midst of the Cold War between the Soviet Union (and its allies) and the United States of America (and its allies). It stopped all citizens of Berlin from crossing into either side of the country, though it was created mostly to prevent citizens from the Soviet-controlled eastern side of Berlin from escaping to the Western-controlled west side of Berlin. It stood until its destruction in 1989 after a press conference from Günter Schabowski in which his statements were misinterpreted, leading to the wall being torn down by thousands of people. According to Mario's Time Machine, however, Bowser travels back in time to 1989 and steals a single Sledgehammer from the site, which is apparently enough to halt its destruction. The Berlin Wall then becomes filled with Bodyslam Koopas and Koopa Troopas. Mario later travels back in time to the Berlin Wall himself to return the Sledgehammer while the Koopas attempt to stop him. He eventually reaches a guardpost (at the far-right of the screen) and drops off the Sledgehammer. Mario then travels back in time to the present as a news article congratulates Mario for helping topple the Berlin Wall.

The Berlin Wall later appeared in Berlin Byways and Berlin Byways 2 in Mario Kart Tour. It mainly appeared in the former, where Whomps appear as obstacles in the section.